I Can See Your Steemit Account Balance!!! (And Why I'm Celebrating...)

in #money5 years ago

That's right, I can see YOUR account balance! Does this make your heart bang harder against your chest? Are you sweating, preparing to investigate your steem to see if I've hacked it?

Those that have been here for a while know, this platform is fully transparent. Not only can I see your steem balance, mine is also transparent.

Transparency, that is why I'm celebrating! The steem blockchain and platform makes my own pulse quicken.

Reason: This platform, and crypto in general, is nearly anonymous. It takes time and other resources to associate a legal name with digital cash. So when posting on steemit, whose opinion should you value?

Ultimately, this is up to each individual user to determine but transparency is a useful tool to have in your digital toolbox. A few simple clicks and you can see the balances of those that support your content, or those who comment and oppose your position. This transparency works to minimize trolling and should help pseudonymous social-media platforms continue to gain market share.

Here's to steemit!