At First I thought Steem Power Was Like The Hotel California...

in #money5 years ago

"You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave!"

Now... after a crazy, fun-filled week, I'm pumped about the genius behind the design. The payouts for steem power are way more than I anticipated, allowing me a better understanding behind the design. Bloggers and posters are getting rewarded for quality content and equally important, FUN!!! Completely freaking awesome! Finally, I've got my money working for me instead of the other way around. Can't wait to see what the future holds!!!

Thanks to all the top supporters: @ned @dantheman @berniesanders @smooth @itsascam @blocktrades @wang @dan @rainman @craig-grant & @steemed for advancing a platform where anybody and everybody can compile information, not to mention broaden our intelligence and sense of humor at the same time!


I love how you thanked @wang even though hes a robot. You have a great attitude and I feel your energy through my computer screen! Keep it up! Add more tags! (I wouldnt say #money is the most appropriate tag here)

Upvoted :)

Thanks! @wang made me laugh too. I put "steemit" as the first tag so I'm not sure why the blog ended up in #money. I hope good things come your way!!!