If Rbc Ceo Is Right About Impending Spending Spree, Interest Rates Will Rise Sooner Than Expected - [2021-10-15 Ivo5Su]

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Competition Bureau in midst of new probe of Google over advertising dominance in Canada: Barbara Shecter

The probe, in part, is looking at the 'circumstances and motivations for Google’s decision to withhold YouTube video ad inventory' from certain third parties beginning in 2016

If RBC CEO is right about impending spending spree, interest rates will rise sooner than expected: Kevin Carmichael

Kevin Carmichael: David McKay's comments complicate the Bank of Canada's ability to control the narrative

How-to guide for snowbirds in COVID and a potential pandemic 'game changer': FP's top videos: Financial Post Staff

Here is what is racking up the views this week

Howard Levitt: Can you have different rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated employees?: Howard Levitt

Not only can you ask job applicants whether they have been vaccinated, you can refuse to hire them on that basis

Peter Shawn Taylor: What comes after the gas tax?: Special to Financial Post

If the gas-powered car is on the way out, then so too is the gas tax

Shaunavon, Saskatchewan — The town the internet forgot: Joe O'Connor

Spotty internet connections and crappy-to-non-existent cell service mean that everything is more complicated, maddening and productivity sapping

David Rosenberg: Canada's debt binge is not good for the economy's future or the loonie: David Rosenberg

Unsustainable household debt levels drag on growth and leave us vulnerable to financial crisis

What you need to know about investing beyond the limits of public markets: Special to Financial Post

Having access to private capital enables investors to construct portfolios capable of transcending the limitations of stocks and bonds

Investors should be keeping a close eye on these three things as storm clouds gather: Martin Pelletier

Good to add a layer of protection should those clouds turn into a polar vortex

Five reasons why running a portfolio is like running a marathon: Peter Hodson

Like beginning marathoners not putting in the miles, most investors don’t do enough homework when they buy a stock

Who wants to be a millionaire (with their TFSA)?: Special to Financial Post

How to take full advantage of the power of compounding

How one investor became a super hardcore dividend fan, and what you can learn from him: Julie Cazzin

The 'Dividend Earner' left his adviser and built a dividend portfolio. Here's what he learned along the way

FP Answers: How can I use ETFs to build the fixed-income side of my portfolio?: Special to Financial Post

Monthly income matters only a little and tax efficiency hardly at all in a low-return environment

B.C. couple considers commuting their pensions, but managing money comes with big risks: Andrew Allentuck

Rather than commute pensions, they could close the gap by spending some of their $256,000 in RRSPs

Former Canadian central banker pushes Cornwall Consensus after Washington Consensus dies: Kevin Carmichael

Governments 'need to focus on shaping markets, as opposed to reacting to problems that hit markets, says Carolyn Wilkins

If not now, when? Canadian firms should unleash $150 billion cash pile to spur economic growth: Special to Financial Post

If not now, when? Canadian firms should unleash $150 billion cash pile to spur economic growthfinancialpost.com

The foreign property tax implications associated with owning cryptocurrencies: Jamie Golombek

Jamie Golombek: Where, exactly, is your cryptocurrency located? It's complicated

Attention snowbirds! Here's what you need to know about living down south during a pandemic: Larysa Harapyn

Watch: Jason Heath, managing director at Objective Financial Partners, talks about considerations snowbirds should take

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