Escaping the Cult of Altruism - Life Lessons Learned.

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Escaping the Cult of Altruism - Life Lessons Learned.

Grab a new year’s drink with me and I’ll ramble about some stuff for 20 minutes as background sounds, in true Voluntary Japan fashion.

#鬼ころし 👹


Apart from attending the Christian Community every Sunday, my family weren't overly strict in religion, but it's still surprising how much guilt over sins and sex I ended up with. I think some came from school too. Its hard to shake things that are learnt in your formative years and by the time you're about 12 they're probably already well entrenched.

Like many things in life, a balance is better than going all out altruistic or selfish. Like you said, you can't help others if you can't help yourself first. I realised at some point that most of the people wanting "help" were usually better off than me anyway and just useless at managing their own affairs. So I started to say I couldn't offer money, but I'd offer none monetary assistance in order for them to help themselves and I'll only offer that as a last resort.

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life lessons...yeah..altruism isn't so good as it can seem.
NOW i do understand it.

Hey dude! Very interesting video. I'm also often thinking about these things.
I love philosophy.. And think you should look into egoistic altruism.
I already wrote about it, but in german. If you're interested anyways, you could translate it with :)
Wish you a great journey!

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