How much $$ did I earn in February?

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In the SBD, all winnings made with posts, the tournament I won by playing LuckSacks, and for having lent my voting power to MinnowBooster to vote in exchange for SBD pay me in.

However, expenses also come from the Steemit Lottery for the payment of the winners and donations to @camoes and @brazilians. And the payments for the curation of @andre3301, that roughly do not consider expense but investment.

With that I got 27,342. This number is lower than the 29,877 in January, however, if you consider that January has 31 days and February only 28, the average was higher, so I made more. However the SBD price has dropped compared to last month.

For those who like numbers and want to see this amount in fiat, at the time of this publication with the SBD worth $3.48, almost $2(1.93) less than last month, the profit was $95.15.


In Steem the value will also be higher, since I always see in the internal market the SBD when it is more valued than STEEM, and here also comes the value that I gain with SteemPower in the publications, since I am always giving PowerUp, and when I give PowerDown that value will come in STEEM.

The final value was 38,370. Again considering the number of days per month, if February were 31 days as January, the value would have passed the previous month.

With STEEM worth $3.23 today, almost $2(1.94) less than last month, the value was $123.93.

However, this amount could be higher, I focused on producing more than January, however I think that every month will have production peaks and some days empty. The goal of writing every day, I have noticed that it is difficult and will not always be fulfilled, however I expect whenever I produce, bring something of quality to the public.

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É assim mesmo!!! Boa sorte :D