the 5 most underrated and low stress jobs with high income.

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We all know when looking/searching for a job, it could be a little bit scary and overwhelming. When looking for a career, there are certain jobs that stand out due to their popularity and a lot of people knowing its profitability is high. However if you carry out a research you will find out that there are plenty of jobs that are underrated but very profitable in such a way one can yield 6 figure income from them. Here’s the list of top 5 low stressed jobs that are profitable in the long run.

  1. Data Scientist
    Median salary: $128,2407C155F34-1808-44AC-A515-7EA449279DD5.jpeg
    A data scientist interprets trends from different industries. This job has a low stake but it’s very profitable in the long run with great salary income. New emerging companies that are always looking to grow and expand are always looking for people to make researches and provide the type of information that will help them out.

Median salary: $121,170
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If you are willing to take pharmacist as a profession, you will have to study it in school in order to be a good pharmacist. A pharmacist makes a high salary while their day to day job is not stressful and demanding. Dispensing prescriptions medications to patients is usually the type of work they carry out.

Median salary: $104,285
A lot of people who studied math as a course overlooked it because they might think there’s really not much to earn as a mathematician. We know you might have to really dedicate a lot of your time to the subject, but if conducting research and creating mathematical principles is your thing, you might want to consider this profession as a full time mathematician.

4.Human Resources Manager
Median salary: $103,307
If you have a good relationship with people or you know how to relate with people and think of yourself as a well organized person, you might consider taking this as a profession. With their daily task including planning and coordinating admin work for an office environment, for someone who enjoys socials it can be just the right fit for such people. After gaining experience some companies pay high salary for your services.

Median salary: 104,283
An often overlooked profession in terms of paying high salary is that of an optometrist. With no need to go to medical school, just a specialized optometry school, an optometrist a person whose job is to examine people's eyes to find out if they need eyeglasses or medical treatment. An often low stressed job. It’s really a low stress job if you love helping people and might just want to go into something like this, it’s for you.

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Pharmacist would be great but I have seen customers loose their marbles at the counter for not having a prescription completed on time. I could be risky. Data Scientist though.... yes :)

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Albert Einstein was the greatest

Steemit is one of them jobs

Haha yes steemit is sure one of them

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finally someone else is thinking like me...quick question, a data scientist is an Actuary right?

They are different but they share similarities

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Teachers suffered a lot and earn less... It's not fair. And it is the teacher that taught anyone to be who he or she is in life

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Nice post. My son is studying to be a mathematician. He is at University. Good to know he will make lots of money. Thanks

This helped a lot. Thanks for sharing.

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