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Do not invest in Bitcoin until you see THIS! Discover the TRUTH about BITCOIN. Learn its DISADVANTAGES as well as ADVANTAGES.

Watch The Video Here:

What you will learn in this video:
✔ What is Bitcoin?
✔ Who created it?
✔ Bitcoin's Disadvantages & Advantages
✔ What is Bitcoin Mining?
✔ What is Bitcoin Mining Pools?
✔ What is Blockchain Technology (behind Bitcoin)?
✔ Is Bitcoin used to launder money? [will answer this in the video]
✔ Is Bitcoin Anonymous? [will answer this in the video]

👉 Make sure you copy all the websites that I will be sharing in this video!

Enjoy it and most importantly spread the Cryptocurrency Awareness!

Your London-based Travel Hacker,
Vanessa 💋💋💋

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