The last few days have been fair.

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Thats not a spelling error, i went to the Fair this week.
I might continue this blog later in the week, because i still have to take photos of everything.

I didnt do anything different from last year, but i was not blogging with this site last year so i will tell you what our fair consisted of. Expensive food, expensive carny games ( a couple you need 2 people to play with), Animals (Bunnies, chickens, roosters, goats and sheep... if there were more, i didnt get into that area. In another area there were cows, but i see those all the time and found them boring).

Met a friend i havent seen since high school. no change with her except the whole 1 inch she grew since middle school and she has kids. I never had a crush on her, just someone i would talk to from time to time. if she liked me, it was never said. she did have a friend who liked me, but that could have been her friend being a bitch. at the time, i didnt mind i just wish more would have came of it.

Tommorow is the demo derby. i hope i get a better spot than last year. the best stuff happens in a certain area and if im going to record, im going to record action and not potential action that may not happen. "The Who" is either playing today or tomorrow, its ok if i dont go, im not a huge fan of their music and i dont need to hear CSI: Sunglasses guy theme music. I dont care if i got the name of the show wrong, i hardly watch that show.

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be more oK wit spellN errors hahah