Live with money but never live for money ! A short story

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A 6-month-old child's mother

asks the manager from the "Five Star Hotel"? ... will you get me a cup of milk for my baby? Manager "Yes! ... But you have to pay $5" "OK, give me!said the mother." She along with her husband was staying in the hotel for a night stay. Next morning they were Back to their journey., The baby felt hungry and started to cry . The vehicle was stopped at a hut which was like damaged tea stall.She asked the owner of that hut can she get a cup of milk for her hungry baby.Old aged shop keeper said ! Of course.She asked him how much money she have to pay him for this milk? money! "Said the shop keeper !" We do not take money to feed the baby's , if you want to get the milk, then take more milk. "A question was repeated in the heart of the mother . Who is actually Rich that hotel manager or this broken hut owner.

Money is not everything
Some time's simple smile on face of others is more worth than million dollars

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