Mike Maloney: "This Is The Peak"

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Monetary historian Mike Maloney is a good friend of mine and I highly respect his opinion. He is the world's central bankers have created a liquidity-driven 'recovery' that is now over. Thus, the path ahead is inevitable currency destruction.

I am not sure the end game has arrived but, nevertheless, it is important to be prepared for it! No debt, food storage, gold, bitcoin and good reading materials.

What do you think? What can be done to prepare for this uncertain future? Have the monetary mandarins created an unavoidable mess or will humanity figure out a way through it without too much destruction?

Here are some key quotes from the interview:

What the central banks are doing has never worked and they keep on trying – you just hit that nail a little bit harder each time because it isn’t working. They have these theories and they think that the theory is correct that this – and no matter what the results are they say well, we just didn’t do enough of it. Japan has been trying this for 30 years now and it hasn’t worked. These people are just absolutely dangerous. They are going to drag the entire world economy down. You talked about the helicopter money that is now happening in Europe and so on. That is going to be coming to the United States soon. Coming to a Central Bank near you.

It always has damaging results. They don’t look at this. It is a huge wealth transfer. The immorality of an entity and everywhere I go I take a look at – when I would go speak in Singapore or Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Colombia, Peru doesn’t matter – Russia – everywhere I go I take a look, I go on the websites of the central bank for that country and I start gathering information. I haven’t found a central bank that is part of the government. They are all private. Here is a private entity that is allowed to create currency and now they are buying bonds from corporations? They can buy stocks. When they write a check and they buy something, currency is created and it enters circulation. A very large portion of it is Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac stuff. It is the mortgage backed securities. And so that means that they own real estate. This private corporation is able to counterfeit and purchase real estate legally. The morality of this is insane.

Keynesian economics isn’t even remotely plausible. But it's what is taught all over the world. They don’t understand fundamental economics. This is the problem that we have: all economies on the planet are being run by economists that don’t understand economics.

The purchasing power that is contained in currency is basically the agreement that we have as a society that we are all going to use that currency and we trust that currency and we store hours of our lives. We trade hours of our lives for currency. We work. That is the purchasing power. Then that currency measures the goods and services in a society. The true wealth. They think that they can actually print wealth. When they print new units of currency, the only way it can get purchasing power is the moment that it is spent in the circulation -- it has to steal it from somewhere else because it is empty when it comes into existence. There is no work that went into it. There are no hours of life traded for it. There is no product or service that it represents until it is spent in circulation and then it steals that purchasing power from all other units of currency. It is fraud. It is theft. They can’t actually stimulate an economy. All they can do is warp it. They can steal purchasing power from some areas of the economy and transfer it to another area of the economy pushing that area into a bubble. It is very, very disruptive.

Now we've got bubbles in stocks, real estate and bonds. This is going to be one hell of a crisis.

This is the peak – we have passed the peak of the bubble. It's now deflating. There is usually a little tiny roll over and then a huge crash. And the little tiny roll over is just starting right now. We are seeing it first in the top end (like luxury real estate), where the currency that was created by the central banks went to that 0.1% first.

Within the next few years you are going to see probably the greatest crash in history. I have often said that the crisis of 2008 was just a speed bump on the way to the main event. We are in the process right now of seeing this unwind.


The only market I trade in now is crypto-currencies and accumulation of silver and lead/brass. Maloney is right.

tell me about this accumulation of led and brass? are led the bullets and brass the firearms? lol? Using an old Brass gattling gun?

Dude i got to meet @tracemayer at Phils BBQ in 2009 I was a busser and i heard him and his friends talking about internet marketing told him about Egold and HYIPs and allthat and he didnt even know about Bitcoin yet!

I wish i woul ahave just kept incontact with him, I made a silver video for him here!

it was for his old website runtogold.com ma i wish he woudl come back to steemit!

I made that video for him for free back before he was rich!

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I dont even have a whole Bitcoin and Trace was talking about having a lot of em at just $1 Bitcoin and it would mean so much to me to finally have full Bitcoin to my name, the price keeps going up as I try saving up for a full one...

I really like mike maloney and he really said this well. Thanks for sharing.

Yep Mike will say this is the peak everyday for however long it takes for the next recession to hit and then he will point back to the 1 out of 786 days he said it was all over and say he is right. I think he has some good information but guys like him or Peter Schiff predict trouble everyday until it happens. It doesn't impress me.

peter schiff is a moron who thinks bitcoin are tulip bulbs lol

I would love to see his "GoldMoney" scam get hacked and watch as all his customers realize his website was never secure and all their gold is gone, and u cant trust some asshole in Puerto rico to hold all ur gold lolol its just as bad as fiat!

Love mike, I am a long time sub on yt

Why is he convinced it is starting now? What will be the catalyst?

He referenced Japan using easing programs for 30 years... who's to say the US doesn't extend this for just as long?

That is kind of my thinking. This could go on a lot longer than most people think.

It makes for a difficult stock trading environment. One basically has to close their eyes and buy and hope that central banks will continue to prop markets up...

yes which is why you shouldn't trade stocks or hold them and simply buy Bitcoin which doesn't need any sort of Central Bank Plunge Protection team lolol

It can't, you can see some signals

I haven't listened to this yet and don't know about the Japan situation, but my sense is that the US situation has much more embedded energy and is very very top heavy and getting heavier by the day. As it gets exponentially more imbalanced, it takes less to knock it over....simply physics. Maybe this is why it is getting closer by the hour.

banks create artificial crises, to manage the world's capitals

Exactly. Fiat currencies have a failure rate of 100%, given enough time.

“The Rediscovery of the Business Cycle – is a sign of the times. Not much more than a decade ago, in what now seems a more innocent age, the ‘New Economics’ had become orthodoxy. Its basic tenet, repeated in similar words in speech after speech, in article after article, was described by one of its leaders as ‘the conviction that business cycles were not inevitable, that government policy could and should keep the economy close to a path of steady real growth at a constant target rate of unemployment.”Paul Volcker

Thanks For This

this is correct

Mikes the man. I'm not surprised you are good friends with him Trace. Have you ever interviewed him? I would love to see that.

How many people did he influence into hard money with his great and prolific works. Always worth a listen as his simple communication skills let you see everything more clearly.

PS ...and how many people did he indirectly get involved in crypto currencies as well for the same logic?

"all economies on the planet are being run by economists that don’t understand economics."
Who cares about economics when you are in-charge of the money printing?
They will always find a way to justify their "crooked" thinking... all the way to the end.

This is a great article. I am a huge fan of Mike Maloney and the way he presents his stuff. Was happy to share this on Twitter at stephenpkendal. Stephen.

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