how to mine money cryptocoins on computers CPU&GPU

in money •  2 years ago 

signup download GUI miner Start mining bytecoin/BCN

withdrawl bytecoin/BCN to this exchange

exchange bytecoin/BCN for bitcoin/BTC now you have bitcoin/BTC a small bit keep going.

You can invest it back in to minergate to buy bitcoin cloud mining it pays you bitcoin/BTC daily

Tips are appreciated 

dogecoin: DFq8bUiewLrehGbQmJQ4bkTBQqKJp9xgsH

dash: XgbSw94bZUfqoY6qWnn23ihJvcbN6k3JRZ

Zcash Address   t1fhDXxZucE4xuPa5CvSsEcV7LJ9Qora9SD

Bitcoin address 12mrkMKfmuaXQctWCcz6wAaBPkPtYmNRhJ

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