(Video) This EXACT Same Thing Happened Before the LEHMAN Crisis! Global Economy Collapsing!

in money •  2 years ago

We have confirmed that the stock market has risen because of central bank influence upon it. The central bank is the only one who can issue the legal tender of that country. The economy is clearly in a disastrous situation but quite frankly covered up and masked by this inflated bubble.

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Lets see how long they can keep up with this QE scam before it will all crash down. The problem if this takes to long is that hardworking people from all over the world will get robbed even longer. The crash will be painful, but maybe now new technologies are out it will be easier to rebuild a free economy without all these parasites.


I would like to see that. However I believe the crash is intentional to consolidate power.

In your opinion, is this The Financial Crisis Part 2?


Yes i think so



A different view point would,have CBs haven't stepped in and provided support via QE, we could have had a depression erasing decades of progress not to mention economic depression for a generation like in 1929..


That depression has been a can kicked down the road via QE. They didn't produce any wealth, only units of debt to make it appear that there is wealth. It is an illusion.


It would have been great if they let it crash. In 1920 they did that. Within 1.5 years everything was back up and running.


It's been 10 yrs since last 'recession' and as a multi-retail business owner, I know we have not recovered since, amd in fact it conts. To get worse. The situation has been slowly worsening amd seems that things are about to go bad again. I hope not but I can't say I didnt see the signs last recession just like I am seeing them now.


Thank you for your input. I've heard the same from many others.

Great Analysis
Good keep it up


Thank you. Will do.