75% of Americans CAN’T AFFORD To Buy A Home! Prices Keep RISING But Wages Are STUCK!

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75% of Americans CAN’T AFFORD To Buy A Home! Prices Keep RISING But Wages Are STUCK!

The financial situation for most Americans isn’t looking pretty. With asset prices rising and wages remaining stagnant, we have encountered a big problem. There’s no way to turn this around. Housing is way too expensive for the average person. Food and energy is rising. But have no fear, Helicopter Ben Bernanke will save you!

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Time to build off grid homes to escape this economic slavery.

You must be a smart person. Nice video

All these high prices accomplish is to lock people into a system of debt servitude for longer, in many cases 'til death.

Yeah don’t worry about their ridiculing of you . That only means your RIGHT❗️Again I learn more from you then in all my years of the institutional education system that is often now referred to as INDOCTRINATION CAMPS . Thank you 🙏MAESTRO 🍎