Global Debt Hits $247 Trillion! Who Will Owe Central Banks the Interest On This MASSIVE Debt?

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Debt is the system of control of the central bankers. They created this in order to trap us. Each unit of currency is born out of debt. Conjured like witchcraft in dark places, unseen by the majority. In doing do, they gave themselves unlimited wealth, literally owning the printing presses. Funding nations and their conflicts, central bankers are responsible for most of the worlds problems.

Global Debt Monitor - July 2018 | The Institute of International Finance
Global debt load at a record $247 trillion in first quarter - IIF
Total Revolving Credit Owned and Securitized, Outstanding | FRED | St. Louis Fed
2018-07-09 (4).jpg (890×473)

cons credit june revolving.jpg (890×558)

Effective Federal Funds Rate | FRED | St. Louis Fed
Student Loans Owned and Securitized, Outstanding | FRED | St. Louis Fed
Libor Refuses to Die, Setting Up $370 Trillion Benchmark Battle - Article - BNN
2018-07-06_8-22-03.jpg (890×445)

2018-07-06_8-12-43.jpg (890×472)

ja3.jpg (865×296)

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A couple of observations:

1 - You are right that there are a lot of "off the books" dollars. Case in point:


of verifiable missing dollars. (see my post The US Government Lost $1.2 Trillion In 2017 + $250 million per day since September 11, 2001)) for an official breakdown of this figure.

2 - Regarding Japan, can you (@themoneygps) or anyone else here explain WHY they and their currency has not yet gone into hyperinflation given the decades of excessive money printing? In other words, how is that possible?

If it hasn't yet blown up, then what economic theory would state that they couldn't get away with it for another decade or two?

how much more printing can the systems sustain before it all goes to shit?

We've the precedent of a country declaring itself bankrupt. So, what if they all do the same, how would that affect the central banks (the Rothchilds, Mellons, Rockefellers etc?). Do we care?

In real life, for us, if you are given a loan that you obviously cannot repy, then the loan is cancelled by the court. I reckon the more these banks lend the governments, the safer we are....

I'm also wondering how the heck this will pan out. They, the banksters who issue this funny money, know they will never be able to repay the debt. Yet at end of the day (i.e., when the fat lady sings and it crashes) somebody is gonna need to pay the piper? Who will it be? I doubt the citizenry will stand for it next time; I just don't see it happening unless the gov't pull out the big guns of their militaries on their own people.

Insane... how does the world let one group of people control so much 😂😂😂. Its kind of hilarious

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Thanks for this post @themoneygps

Thank you 🙏 for another great lesson maestro 🍎 👏👍

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