Millennials and Gen Z Have A Crisis of DEBT! Will Tech Be the SOLUTION or the PROBLEM?

in money •  6 months ago

Look at the statistics and you can see that the percentage of young people and the way they interact, the technology which they grow up around, and the events that have taken place, all create different challenges and opportunities as far as investments and financial matters are concerned. We need to fully understand demographics in order to understand the big picture.

millennial retirement savings chart_0.jpg (890×473)

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Americans Reveal Ideal Ages For Financial Milestones |
financial-milestones-ideal-age-survey-21.png (1400×718)

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In strong job market, candidates are 'ghosting' interviews, offers

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Classic problem of buying shit you do not need. All generations need to get better at spending less than they earn and intelligently investing the difference. But it is easier to whine to the government about all your problems and hope that they have a magical cure for your problems.

I don’t buy new shit anymore . All of my equipment is used like new , and if your clever you hit the big wealthy neighborhoods when they have garage sales , or their resale shops and you can find lots of great stuff cheap . Plus there is LetGo , Craiglist, and the classifieds . I miss the walk man , and just recently I dusted off my VHS player . And when I got into a conversation with my daughter about it , my granddaughters laughed and said “what the heck is a VHS grandpa ⁉️” 😆 Now that’s PRICELESS❗️Thank you 🙏 maestro 🍎for another great lesson 👏👍 my teachers should have not gotten payed for , but from the looks of it I don’t think any of them are going to get their pensions . Poetic justice ❓🤔