My ICO Investment for 2018

in money •  2 years ago 

So it's that time again where I spend time finding the best platform to invest in.

My top list of platforms to invest in for 2018

Crypto Image.jpg


This company has been around for quite a while, dominating the real estate market and now have decided to launch their own coin. I appreciate the team behind this project and their vision. I have invested quite a bit of ETH into this one and hoping that it would pay off in the long run, the concept is rather brilliant.


Ripple has been around for quite a while, building its brand and coin. I have a good feeling that the value would pick up very quickly once it lists on the big markets and also gets adopted by a few banks. I always work on calculated risks and this one is definitely a risk worth taking.

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I have so much faith in ripple, it will soon skyrocket

Thanks for the update on your selection @the-housewife may 2018 be a good one in crypto.