Thanks bitpètite : i used to be the 1%, now i'm the ~4%

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Hi Steemit people! Good Morning!

Have you had breakfast yet? No? I'm buying. Join me! Let's have a croissant!


I'm going to be brief. I needed/wanted to share the following with you all.

Many moons ago, i was making a little bit of money using, these two platforms:

With bitconnect, i'd get my initial ROI, ~300 days afterwards, making a variable, averagely 1%.


With control-finance, there is no return of the initial ROI, but, on the other hand, there's a fixed daily interest rate. 1% minimum.

Both are interesting.

And then, recently, i found out about bitpétite

Invest and earn from 3.97% and up, daily!

I'll share a bit more, soon!

Any questions, feel free to barge in:

email [email protected]
skype superbofh
snapchat superbofh

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