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Resting, earn. The loan is easy to obtain.

 If you have moved or will be taken to "Webtransfer" website, you need:

-Nazhat Left click on the box of your favorite social networks.
In the next window, if you want to "Authorize", enter your login and password to your social networks. In the next window, fill in the rest of the data, confirm the source mobile phone, then you will see a purse of $ 50. Next, refer to the "lender".

If you are in the "Contact Us": Press the left button on the box W.

In the next window in the lower right corner click "Allow". In the next window, fill in the name in Latin letters and click "Save". In the window that opens, enter the email address, click "Send". Appears photo of your partner's network. Click "Save". Then, enter your mobile phone number and wait for an SMS sent, enter the code, click "OK" and you will see a purse of $ 50, or:

  • Press the icon "Infinity", enter an email address, create a password, tick the "New member" and click "Register." In the next window, fill in the rest of the data, confirm the source mobile phone. Please check your email, please go to confirm the registration, get on the wallet $ 50. Next, refer to the "lender".

    It is better to first meet with the description:

Sharing interesting way to earn online.

Social credit network is gaining popularity in Western countries. This microfinance institution, which is arranged on the principle of P2P ( «person-to-person» or «loans from person to person") The company itself has several functions: Checking the credit history of the participants;.
-work to repay debt with debt collection service;
-Role guarantor to repay the funds issued from the personal guarantee fund at 24% per annum.

It is not surprising that such conditions involve a large number of borrowers (they just get a loan), and creditors (the guarantee fund protection).

Now I tell a little more about what is a social lending network and all of its participants.

Borrower. He urgently needed a certain amount of money. He can get a loan up to 30 days in the amount of up to a thousand dollars, and a few minutes, without leaving home. All you need - to register with the social credit network. Then, to get a loan in the "Loan" specify the period, the amount and rate of interest of 0.5% per day on request. Now you only have to wait: the system will bring your application to the lender's counter application automatically. Here, as elsewhere, it is important your credit history. Credit rating depends on the frequency of use of the server and the time of repayment of credit debt.

Creditor. He's an investor. Any participant Webtransfer credit social network is able to replenish your balance in the system, as well as to lend, thus making a profit from interest.

Such earnings - a very simple, anyone will cope with it only a few steps:

  • In the dashboard, click the tab "Insert";
  • In the "Post a loan" window that opens, fill in the amount of up to $ 1,000 and a term of 3 to 30 days, choose the interest rate from 0.5% to 3%. It is best to choose the average or slightly higher interest rate, such as 1.3-1.5%, so the chances of a quick search of the borrower requests a response significantly increased.

The system is convenient because it immediately becomes clear how much money you can earn and what percentage earn Webtrasfer system against your profits. It is foolish to think that the social credit system Webtransfer is charity: the more it will give loans to attract participants, the higher the income. webtrasfer7

As there is an increase in the issuance of capital loan size of $ 1,000 at 1.5% per day for 30 days? Note the screenshot: per month income will be $ 450, 40% or $ 180 from it takes the system. Income lender in this case will be equal to 27% or $ 270 per month. The lender does not lose their money, even if the borrower has the money does not return: guarantee system and Webtrasfer will make sure that all the money had been returned from the guarantee fund with a yield of 24% pa In order to protect themselves, the lender does not have to translate a check on the indicator "Standard "with" guarantee ". Standard loan issue implies that all of the risks borne by its defective media retention is on the shoulders of the creditor. In this case, the system vozmest only 10% of your income, because there is no allocation of money to the guarantee fund. However, it is worth risking your finances, it is best to use when issuing loans, "Guarantor".

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