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RE: Your Most Important Education Is Your Financial One

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Perhaps we should look at our general level of self-discipline as well; although you are fully correct in that we do not teach the basics of financial knowledge, the sad fact is that even if we did my bet is that we would still have substantial parts of the community putting themselves in debt.

This is most likely the result of personality; theStanford marshmallow experiment correlated self-control in children with later success in life.

in the past I knew what I should have been doing but never really did it as much as I should have.

you and me both, brother


For sure people would still get in crazy amounts of debt, and I believe it comes down to personality - like you say.

You can lead a horse to water...

I did an article WAY back when I was still pretty new about the briggs-meyers personality and how well they save. Well, the extroverts did poorly and 'prospecting' ones did poorly at saving. The worst was when the two were combined E-?-?-P.

I am an INTJ, btw.

I'm on that ISTJ/INTJ line myself...probably why I like your stuff, LOL

I think the MBTI has been grossly misjudged by science ( it'd be nice to see who was funding the studies that discounted the MBTI), because from my own POV it's pretty accurate.

But maybe that's situational