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Hello Fellow Steemians,


Last week's DASH price is $299 with a difficulty of 1148k, The current DASH price is $340 with a difficulty of 3501k.
A total increase of 3501k/1148k=%204 in difficulty and a total increase of $340/$299=%13 in price !!!

Sans titre.png

So far my total investment was $58.1 at the time of purchasing the contract the equivalent of 0.317 DASH and i got 0.04548135/0.317 DASH which is %14.3 of my investment, meaning that with the current DASH price of $340 i made 0.04548135*$340=$15.46/$58.1=%26.6 :)


You might be wondering why i'm keeping track in both DASH and USD it's because to find out (after the ROI) wether it was better to hold or mine DASH with a %29 average monthly difficulty increase (calculated that in the first post) since i'm not going to sell until DASH hits $327 :)

So Best Of Luck With Your Mining, Resteem This Post If You Know Somebody Who Still Thinks Genesis Mining Is A Scam And Have A Good Day :)


Loving these updates, @steemian69! I own and operate a few mining rigs myself so I've never tried a mining contract - frankly, I've heard some bad things about them in the past. But your experiences have seriously made me reconsider.

Though I hope you're not keeping all your profits in Exodus! 0__0 It's a gorgeous UI but not exactly suited for long-term storage.

Thanks For Your Comment, And In Regards To My Profits I Keep Them In Exodus Simply Because I Don't Want Them On An Exchange And The Dash Blockchain Would Take Me Too Long To Download And Too Much Space To Store (In Case I Wanted To Download The Core Wallet) :)