‼‼‼ [Project FedCoin] = FREEDOM is Over ?

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This last couple of months i was worried about blockchain gov projects.
We know that Russia, China, USA, UK, Switzerland prepare their own cryptocurrencies, what will allowed them to control each transaction on their open ledger. We olso know that blockchain today is a revolution, and such powerfull countries will not delegate their financial power to Bitcoin.

Interesting thought, what would the role of smart contracts in this projects.

In a report by the Faster Payment Task Force, fintech companies have outlined how Blockchain technology can be used to make payments faster for the US Federal Reserve.

Doug Casey says : You have to understand this fundamental and start to build your life around that.

If you have never heard about FedCoin project i would suggest you to watch this video :

My Opinion :

We are creating a daemon, a bit like it was with Android 10 years ago, and after Google closed open source code.
I guess when governments will issue their own cryptocurrencies, it could be very good opportunity to forbid Bitcoin.

Btw : 1st Step has been done with new US law

Government + Blockchain = is real menace to humans freedom and democracy.

NWO is close

Please comment your opinion on this subject.

Sorry for my bad Egnlsih
All the best @stanec

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I don't think so. What government need to do, that close blockchain project? It's impossible. But many people will hear about this technology. I think is good direction.
P.S. Sorry for my English too))

They will not close Bitcoin, they can forbid it and create their own.