How My friend Made 4,64,000$ with bitcoin With proof.

in money •  2 years ago

Hey all of you I would like to tell you a hidden secrate , How I made 10000$ with bitcoin. In just three months with a small investment.

I hope your on steemit your well-know about the crypto currency and Your also aware about the bitcoin currency . I would like to share the secrate of mine How I Made that much amount with a small investment and I suggest you to try it once in a life . 100% risk free all investment will be secure with you .

I am not talking about Mining or Trading .

I will not say you to give you money to someone else .

I will tell you a tip , I used myself and made money alot from it ..

Lets Start the secrate .
It is End June 2012 When The Price of Bitcoin Was

6.56$ for Each Bitcoin

He suggested me to buy bitcoin it will grom in the future . I thought he is just bulshiting me . I was not aware about bitcoin that as I am today .

Now a days Price of bitcoin is


I am really surprised to see that much as once I saw the price was ** 6.56$ Only for Each Bitcoin **

I messed up with myself as , **My friend bought 1000$ bitcoin that day **

Now a month ago he saled the bitcoins at 2900 $ for Each bitcoin

Yes 2900$ for each Bitcoin

Lets Calculate his profit ..

He Bought for 1000$

At that time the price was ** 6.56$ **


He Had 160 BTC


He Made 4,64,000

It is a really great profit from the history of business with a small investment without work .

It is really great opportunity for every one today as all crypto currency are going down you must by and save into your wallet and you will be supprised with the price of bitcoin

I myself bought 10 BTC for 700$ Now its price is increased and I earned 1700$ from each bitcoin .

Note : Before buying ETH You much have enough potintial to wait and See up and downs of BTC ..

If you need any suggestion or help let me know I will share with you my crypto trading experince .

If your intrested to get crypto signals let me know I will add you in group which cost just 20$ and I will give you adivice how to do trading and make money online .

You can follow me for more updates at @sophiaolive

After getting motivation from @trevonjb @joshsigurdson @cryptofreedom @jrcornel

Special Thanks to @kingscrown @shaheryarahmed @kaduwall @craig-grant @jrcornel @lightenup

I came to steemit due to @jerrybanfield facebook promotion video

Love ;

Sophia Olive

Want to Knwo about myself

Check My Introduction Post

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nice... now if only bitcoin would go to $10,000 soon. Maybe after some disappoint consumer confidence data later today.


Yea I think so too

If someone is trying to invest in BTC he must dont check up and down on daily basis as sometime price goes too much down and some time it goes really up..

People now a days saw that BTC is really a big currency with dailly 100$ up and down so everyone must have patiance that he can bear these up and downs.

Hope for the best ..

** Thanks for your time and comment ** @numpypython

Hey @sophiaolive

You posted really valuable content I must apprecite your effort and hard work for creating this valuable content . You have a great journey of success . I hope you get all the things which are needed by you .

** You post a way how to get millioner in months without work**

** Thanks for every thing you have done for us **

Nice post! Bitcoin made a lot of millionaires


Hey @jwolf

I would like to apprecite your hard work and effort . Your first comment on my post made me happy and delight.

I hope you will also invest in crypto currenccy .

I suggest you to go with


It will boom into near future like ETH


I don't trust ripple. It is controlled by banks... so it's only 50% a crypto in my opinion 😁

Thanks for sugestion
I suggest you Lbc Sc Burst Amp short term trades


hi plwase follow me right now i'm following yoy.

Nice ! Interesting read



I would apprecite that you putted your effort to read this article . I hope you enjoyed alot

I am happy that your also working very well to support the community .

If you I had a work I will be in touch with ..

Thanks For Reading


The market seems to be a bit volatile kind of all over the place now. Good facts in your post glad you & your friend profited early on BTC. Also I recommend buying & holding as well because the market will re-shift itself & the payouts are going to be even more enormous. Glad we started when we did :) Blessings N Prosperity to you....

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good job @sophiaolive follow me

You’re English is adorable!
I can only speak/write in one language so you win :)

Love to invest in another cryptocurrency. I like Golem, Siacoin but at the moment all my cash is going into my Steemit account. More Power! I must have more Steem Power!!!