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Bolivia's currency is called Bolivar. Just two weeks before Bolivia was suffering from this super inflation. President Nicolas Maduro has left the last five vacancies in the note since August 20.

One lakh Bolivar notes have changed overnight in Bolivar. But in spite of low inflation, the picture of the economy has not changed at all.

For a long time the economy of the Latin American country is in dire straits. The situation is so bad that one roll toilet paper price has reached 2.6 million Bolivar.

From potatoes to cars - all are fire money. Every day the jump is rising. This fall in Bolivia's economy is so bad that the mothers are going to go for delivery in the neighboring country.

Analysts of the Bolivian economy have compared the critics of the German economy in 1922 after the first World War.

The Germans caught fire in the streets by gathering low-priced coins and burning fire By 1, 1923, the price of 1 dollar reached 4 million 21 thousand million in March.

Note that Bolivia's economy is dependent on oil. The problem started with the fall in crude oil prices in the world market. Besides, the government increased the problem after launching oil-based digital currency.

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