Vote on your beliefs. Not on kim kardashians ass.

in #money5 years ago (edited)

Although new to this platform, there is one issue that is fixed in the forefront of my mind.
Steemit is such a great tool with such amazing potential to change the world for the better but seems prone to opportunistic gambling.

Say for example you were at the end of your days voting and you have the choice between a real world issue that matters to you and the other is kim kardashians ass with 2 votes with the potential of being $20,000 content. The content that moves you is 10 hrs old and has 12 votes and a value of say $20. Where do you place your vote?

These are questions we need to ask ourselves because a system such as steemit will only ever have the chance to change the course of humanity if we the people stand up for what is right.

Please forgive me if i butcher this paraphrased line but I forget where it came from and can't find it. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Or as it relates to money absolute greed corrupts absolutely.


It reminds me an episode of the serie Wrecked in which they are stranded on an Island after a plane crash and have a DVD player with enough battery to watch only one movie, but they have two movies, Dumb and Dumber 2 and Selma, I don't want to spoil but guess which one they finally choose. Hahaha​

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