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Why Wealth Doesn't Transfer Through The Glass Ceiling

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Indeed, and we tend to live with blinders on as well. Strangely though, I’ve read that the average person will change careers at least 7 times or so in their lifetime these days. Just a generation ago most people only changed careers maybe once in their lifetime. What really makes me think is wondering what jobs will be available for the kids we have at our preschool and all the studious boys n girls that basically do nothing but eat,sleep, and study here in Asia.

It was difficult enough 20 years ago when I became a young adult to know how I wanted to play the game, I can’t imagine what it’s like now knowing that our world will likely look way different in 20 years. It’s difficult to see most of the toiling I see around me having a purpose and where does that put me as 58 year in 2040 🥴

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Yes I think the same way mate.

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You paint a picture that is all too real and that many won't want to face up to, I fear for the kids studying 4-5 years thinking that archaic system is going to hold up only to find out they now in a world where that information and skills are obsolete and you know in major debt for an overpriced degree and then still need to figure out a way to get square and then build a life for yourself.

Pretty much every parent right now wanting that dream for their child is going to rek their lives but hey that's none of my business. Darwinian theory (which even he stole) is going to have to play out in a major way