Hey Steemers! Let me introduce myself: I'm Tony Winchester, an Entrepreneur, Bitcoin Millionaire, Investor, Programmer, Specialist in Social Media Marketing and Dancer/Artist .

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Hello Steemers!

Let me introduce myself: To make it short, I'm an #Entrepreneur, #BitcoinMillionaire, #Investor, #Programmer, Specialist in Social Media Marketing, #Dancer, #MotivationalSpeaker, #consultant, and #STEEMER! :)

So this is my story :

26.06.86, I was born. My name is Tony Winchester, I'm british but living in Germany and my parents are British-Jamaican. 

I first got introduced to money when I was 15 years old and I used to get 50 German Mark from my mom as lunch money at the start of every month.
With that money, I could buy all the things a kid wants - sweets, PlayStation games, etc.
But being the rebel that I was, whenever I came home late or fought with the other neighborhood kids, she would cut my lunch money. So at some point, there was no money left for me.
So I had to make a decision: do I simply pull myself together and do what she says, or do I find another way to make money and become independent from my mom's lunch money? 

I started thinking: what can I do? Deliver newspapers? Work in a shop? That was not for me.
So I thought: What am I good at?
I started playing #football (soccer) when I was a kid, I really loved it and knew every team. I used to play Football Manager all day everyday. I knew every player, every manager, everything about every league.
I heard some stories about other people in the neighborhood winning money with bets.
But I wasn't 18 yet, so what do I do?
I went to the betting office, filled out the form with confidence, and told the shop owner that I was betting for my Dad. He accepted it.
So I was anxiously waiting for the game's result (I couldn't actually watch the game because we didn't have pay TV!).
And after all, I won. I had transformed my last 10 DM (German Mark) into 150 DM, which was a lot when you're 15 years old!
And so the tables turned - from now on, I was in the game, and independent!


So I started placing bets regularly, but I knew I had to be cautious with my investments. I was doubling my money every week, and two bet offices even had to close down because me and my friends were making too much profit and they couldn't keep up the business anymore. They threatened to tell our parents, but then I threatened to tell the public he wasn't cashing out the money we rightfully won. So he gave us as much as he had left and closed down. 

 Then I went out and bought a Flatscreen TV, which was totally new at the time, I brought it home to my mom and placed a bundle of cash on top of it. I told her, look mom, I made money and bought a new TV. Now she knew that she couldn't threaten me with lunch money anymore.
I kept winning and making 70.000 German Mark (which was more than enough at that time!), but after I had enough and had even bought a car to motivate myself to study for my drivers license, I was getting bored. And I didn't want to make money with gambling anymore - I wanted to create something that I'm proud of!

So then, after football, I was looking for a new sport - a new passion. I went to a Workshop of Justin Timberlake's Choreographer, Marty Kudelka. When I saw him #dance live, I was shocked, I didn't even know that you could move your body this way! So I wanted to do exactly the same.
I went to different schools and took all different dance classes, Ballet Jazz and finally Hip Hop. I wanted to be just as good as him. People were telling me that my body was too stiff from playing football, and that I wouldn't make it. There were only women in the classes, and when the Teacher said "ok now we'll have only the guys dancing!" I had to dance alone and embarrassed myself because I couldn't follow the choreography yet. But I didn't give up.
I trained very hard, because it was my goal to dance like Marty Kudelka! 

"To be number one, you have to train like you're number two" - Maurice Green

So I trained in LA and  London, and when I came back, I was a changed man.
I founded a dance group, Dancers With Attitude, I choreographed a big show and after that everybody wanted to hire me as a dance instructor, they even payed me more than normal just to make sure I would teach at their particular dance school. 

#dance #show #showcase #dancecrew #dancers #entertainment

It took me only 1 year from being at that workshop to dancing like a Pro and becoming an instructor myself (with 19 years old).
Then, I achieved everything, I starred in Movies, on TV, had huge shows and my own Musical which was sold out everytime. 

So I accomplished too much at a young age, and I was getting bored again.

Actually I didn't mention that I've been doing computer #programming since an early age, and I went to an Informatics School.

Until, I'm still learning new programming languages (like SWIFT), and if anybody is skeptical about my knowledge, you can check my profile here ;) 

I'm also looking for a partner in Swift Coding, so if you are a Swift Expert or know anyone that is, let me know :)

So anyway, I was thinking about using my programming  knowledge to make money online, and to program automated softwares that would generate #PassiveIncome.
A few months later, I was making 5€ a day passively , and then went from making 5€ a day to 600€ a day.
I was creating more and more different software, and made 6-figures passive income with that.
I also loved doing #YouTube when that first started, I had multiple channels with hundreds of thousands of views but I didn't actually want to do it for the money, just for fun. Later on I deleted the channels because I lost interest in YouTube. 

 payouts from Fullscreen (YouTube Network) this is only from one of my channels, I had 8 ;D

So then I stumbled upon #Bitcoin, a new #cryptocurrency, something revolutionary. (This was 2011)

#bitcoin #cryptocurrency 

I didn't hesitate, I knew that this was something for me and I jumped right on.
I bought #BitcoinMiners and taught myself how to operate them

#bitcoinmining #litecoinmining #scrypt #knc

 I invested in different crypto currencies, I waited, and I won. My #investment turned from 6-digits to 7-digits and made over 1 million in 6 months.

screenhot from my bitcoin.de account where I sell my BTC, but I sell on other sites as well like Poloniex and Bittrex etc. Back in the day I used to sell 1 BTC for over $1150 - I miss those times lol! But hopefully, Steem will explode in the same way or even better ;)

"Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry” – Rick Falkvinge

 I got myself real estate properties in the US and Asia, and  of course in my City Hamburg, but soon realized that as soon as you show your wealth, a lot of gold diggers and fake people show up as well.

So then I kept thinking - what else do I want to do? I wanted to #travel and see the world. I traveled through the US, Asia, Africa, and saw Europe from a different perspective. 

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us 

#travel #boat #yacht #ocean #sea #beach

When I came back I realized that #money is not the most important thing. I remember whenever I organized a house party, everyone else was having more fun than myself. This life wasn't for me.
You don't need to receive praise from others, or show how much money you have in order to be happy .

A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart. –Jonathan Swift

So I realized that I want to explore my full potential, and I don't want to question myself later and ask "Why didn't you try this or that.."

  I researched a lot about the human body, how it functions, what to eat and how to improve it. I learned a lot about the secrets of the human body and brain (your Pineal Gland etc), but this is another story. This is just a brief summary! 

I'm still just a student and want to learn and explore a lot more in life.

Whoever stops getting better, has stopped being great. - Philip Rosenthal

In my past, I did 90% of all things on my own, and I'm sometimes wishing to have someone else with similar passions or goals to work with. Because as a Team, everything's more fun and you're also stronger!

I think Steemit is a great place for connecting people, so let's see where this goes!

I always believed in myself, and you should do the same! There are no limits to what is possible in life.

Much love

Tony Winchester


Where to find me:

Instagram "SirTonyWinchester"

Read my 2nd Blog Post here: "The hidden power inside yourself - how to achieve your goals by visualization"

#introduceyourself #introducemyself #mystory #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #money #wealth #financialfreedom #passiveincome #socialmedia #socialnetwork #steemit #steem

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And why have you not invested in Steem Power yet?


As you probably know, the site has been hacked recently. That's why I have steem coins (not steem power) in poloniex and bittrex. steemit.com is still in a beta phase so it's not safe to store it here yet. I invested in steem when it was just on $2. And now it's falling again.. so I'd rather have patience and hold the coins


Steem Power was not affected from the hack because they are not liquid. Nobody loosed funds that they don't get back from steemit(steem SBD). Now there is an account recovery option available on steemit website... so as long you know your "old" keys you are good... even if hacked again (less possible now) It is more possible an exchange get goxxed than you loose your wallet's funds. Now it is not possible to log in with owner key, only with the active key or posting key... So worst thing that can happen is your posting or active key get hacked but that is not enough to steal your Steem Power since you will be able to change the keys again using your owner key before 1 week passes and the hacker has access to 1/104 of your total SP ;)

Greetings from Colombia @sirwinchester, great post brother!

Another example for to me keep believing in this crazy Cryptoworld!

Much blessings!


Thanks for your comment and greetings from germany to colombia! I'd like to travel there someday, and travel through south america! Can you recommend any places to me? ;)


Definitely recommend Colombia because is my homeland (you have to visit Pereira, Medellin, Cartagena and Santa Marta) but the list could keep going. Brazil, Chile, Peru and Argentina and basically you have to experience South America but I'm sure you'd love our country.

If you ever think of traveling down here, don't doubt contacting me!

Great story Tony, I love how you figured out what you wanted so early in life. That really is a precious thing in life to have. I can admire your passion for going into everything head first, you seem like the type of guy that envelops himself in what you are currently doing. You know your stuff.

Even though you have had such early success in life, did you miss any of your childhood when doing this? You didn't seem to be your average kid growing up.

Oh and I am looking forward to your next post about what you've researched on the human body, as I am myself started to wander this path.

Keep learning, stay hungry! I am following you on Steemit!


Hey thebatchman, first of all thanks for your comment! Actually,you're right, and I'm exactly that character type. Because of that, I sometimes made mistakes or wrong decisions, but one thing I learned in life is that you can't make enough mistakes! You only learn more and more. And life is too short to live every aspect to the fullest, so you can't have everything. Maybe not having a youth like other people was the price I had to pay for what I achieved. But that's okay, there's no point in regretting anything in life! Anyways, thank you for your nice comment, I appreciate your thought you put into it!


You are so right on what you can learn from mistakes. Even though they are scary they will give a learning experience you cannot find anywhere else.

I can sometimes be jealous of people that have found a passion early in life, not that I never had any but after trying a lot of different things I found mine quite late. Now I have the feeling that things are slowly starting to develop (I am 27). Also I am going to be taking a big leap in the next month to go work and live in a different country. Stuff that I wish I had done way sooner. But hey, as you said... It's all okay, there's no point in regretting anything in life!

bad ass story, mate.

a very rich life history, and a very interesting vibe it's resulted in. you ooze an intriguing character.

keep up the good work creating & sharing. looking forward to the shared journey... ;-)

I'd put money on this guy being a full on fantasist, upvote if you agree!


I'm just being myself ;)

It really looks like you already hit the jackpot, in terms of investing in crypto currencies. I hope to achieve the same in the future... Very inspiring story!


Thanks for your comment, I'll give some advice in my next post on how to achieve your goals. Meanwhile I'm wishing you all the best for your own success story!

Hi Toni,

look here, they are writing that you have studied "sozialspökes", and not "Informatics".


I dont trust you, Holzauge sei wachsam.


- Downvote x infinity


Yes, I studied more than what's written on that site, or what's written on this post. I studied both. Just so you know: I have an online marketing company, which is only based around programming (apps, social media, coding, HTML etc). But I'll introduce that on here later, so that everybody can get a chance to be a part of it ;)

Is is not possible for one person to study several things in his life? If I were to write everything down here that I ever did in my life, it would be a whole book! I did much more than what's mentioned here. But it's nice that you put in so much effort to google me, and that you found an article about all my accomplishments as a dancer.
But it's good what you did, it only shows that my story is true. So everybody, do your research on my, but my story won't change, it will only get more detailed ;)

Holzmichl, schade dass du mit deinem Holzauge anscheinend nicht alles sehen kannst ;)


übrigens, falls du an meinen programmierfähigkeiten gezweifelt hast, ich bilde mich ständig weiter, da die technik sich auch immer weiterentwickelt ;) so wie die neue programmiersprache Swift beispielsweise, die es damals noch gar nicht gab, als ich programmieren gelernt habe. https://teamtreehouse.com/tonywinchester


Es spielt doch gar keine Rolle was du "studiert" hast. Das deutsche Bildungssystem auf universitärer Ebene ist Bachelor/Master sei dank zum reinen Amüsement geworden. Wer sich heuzutage noch in Deutschland auf Uni Abschlüsse statt auf reelle Qualifikation stützt hinkt eine Generation zurück.

Tony, lass dich nicht auf Trolle ein.


F*ck you man, stop hating on people. You racist piece of crap!

That's a really cool story, bro.
A bit too cool...
So cool in fact I'm slightly sceptical and hope you can verify yourself with an image proving you are who you say you are, as is the standard on Steemit.
If so, welcome aboard! Glad to have you here.


Thanks for your comment! Yes of course I can verify myself, I have just added 2 screenshots that show my earnings from youtube and from BTC, I have nothing to hide :) And later I'll ad a picture of myself, verifying my username!


I have now posted a picture verifying my username :)

Jack of all trades, my kinda dude. :)

Welcome. Wow I like this
So cool
Good job sir


Thanks for your nice comment!

Welcome to Steemit. Nice to see other black ppl on here and making bank. :) Cheers.


thanks, nice to see you here as well :) I saw you have a lot of posts already, stay active & keep up the good work!

Hi Tony,

Great story. You're a real hustler! Any chance you could provide proof it's really you?


Yes of course, I've added a screenshot from my youtube and bitcoin earnings, and I'll post a picture of myself stating my steemit username es well!


Cool if it's really you we're happy to have you on board! If you want to get really extreme post the verification to instagram so we can start bringing new folks over here to Steemit! Happy Hustlin'!


yes I'll promote steemit on my socialmedia to get my friends & businesspartners, and especially the german community to notice steemit!


the picture of me verifying my username is now up!


Thanks for verifying. Congrats on your success so far. What are you looking at investing in going forward? What's your next Bitcoin? ;)


My next project will be coding Swift and creating my own Apps. Cryptocurrencies are like a Rollercoaster, you shouldn't put too much on them if you can't afford to lose it. Currently I'm investing in Apps because that is the future! :)

First of all, welcome my brother to Steemit!

Amazing story and I am so inspired I feel motivated to attack every day in a new light. Thank you for sharing this magnificent story!!

Second, and this is directed to the commenters, all you haters shut the hell up. Seriously. You freakin bigots just trying to hate on someone, especially of a brotherly look. Go f*ck yourselves and stop hatin and get up off your ass and do something relevant and stop armchair criticizing the people out there making the world go around, just because they don't look like you. Y'all are str8 WHACK!

Thanks Sir Winchester, you're an inspiration to me and many who have a heart that isn't clouded by bigotry & ignorance!!



Thank you brother for your kind words, I really appreciate it and also your message to the haters! Their comments don't even bother me anymore, my story is true no matter what they say :) Anyway, thank you and keep it up on steemit so we can make this a positive place!

this is nothing but fake and lies, who believes this shit?? and who upvotes this crap??


I see that you live in a world of fake and lies, like most people do, because my story is actually the truth. and you know what? There's actually more, I kept it short. Let's talk about improving your situation rather than hating on someone else. Because I'm here to help. But I accept your comment, like any positive/negative/neutral feedback! So thanks for your feedback. Do you know the saying "If you blow out someone else's candle, it doesn't make your light shine brighter. It only makes the room darker". Maybe you should think about this, you gain nothing from posting negative comments, you only make steemit a more negative place.


Haters gonna hate :)
Much respect for what you have accomplished so far.


so far i didnt get anything by beeing positiv, however it seems you the real deal- im not feeling bad for my comment is so much fakeness going on here but good if you say who you are, of course you get a nice welcome aswell
Im good at html, css, php javascript (basic python) - i teach myself for the most part so if you have a company id like a job, ich spreche auch Deutsch, viel Glueck sirwinchester

Wow! You've been busy!!
Nothing wrong with getting bored I think as long as you're doing what you love then keep going!!
This is me :)


thanks for your comment, nice post!

That was inspiring.
Wie läuft's ?


ich habe schon investiert als der coin noch auf $2,25 war, keine Sorge der Coin ist so sehr gestiegen dass er ja auch irgendwann fallen musste. Aber der geht schon wieder hoch! sobald die app rauskommt und mehrere exchange plattformen steem annehmen, wird der coin in die höhe gehen! #Geduld ;)



sei kein Narr. Steem ist ein Pyramidenspiel. Du machst ein Posting und bekommst Steem Dollar dafür, die Du sofort auf Poloniex und Co gegen Bitcoin aus"cash"st. Ganz einfach deshalb, weil der Steem Dollar nicht mehr Wert als Klopapier ist.

Und jetzt zum Mitdenken. Wer kauft den Steem Dollar Schrott? Antwort: Die Steem Gründer. Die verkaufen Ihre STEEM gegen Deine wertvollen Bitcoin, und kaufen für einen Teil Deiner Bitcoin den Steem Dollar Schrott auf, um dieses Pyramidenspiel am Laufen zu halten.

Das Spiel kann noch eine Weile gehen, aber vor Ende 2017 ist Steem komplett mausetot.



warum plötzlich so hilfsbereit? Naja, ich gebe dir recht dass das natürlich etwas ist was einen nachdenklich machen kann. Ich habe zwar eine Summe investiert, glaube aber auch dass ein Trend nach oben kommt, bei ca. 6€ max wird dann aber schluss sein und zeit wieder zu verkaufen. Ich glaube, sobald die App erscheint, wird der coin nochmal steigen - denn social media ohne App funktioniert einfach nicht.


Moin Tony !
Du, warum meinst du genau, das bei 6€ schluss ist ?


Steemit ist aufgebaut wie in Ponzi, vor allem ist das mit STEEM POWER etwas eigenartig da man dabei ja erst in 2 Jahren etwas davon hat- fallls ueberhaupt. bei steemit werden auch die reichen(whales) immer groesser auf kosten der der jetzt erst dazukommen. Aber w ist das nicht so. Die westliche Welt ist so aufgebaut daher kommt auch die ganze ungerechtigkeit und Kriege auf der Welt. Aber macht das steemit jetzt schlecht?? Zumindest hat man mit Steemit erreicht das Crypto fuer alle zugaenlich ist. Ich bin auch etwas negativ dem ganzen eingestellt aber vielleicht funktioniert es ja doch, ausserdem steemit ist jung und hat noch viel Platz um zu improvisieren


2 Jahre sind eher als eine Barriere / Motivation fürs Konstrukt zu sehen.

Das Ziel sollte stets sein ein tolles Produkt zu kreieren und nicht schnell auf Kosten anderer reich zu werden.
Mit dieser Steem Power Zeitbeschränkung sorgt man, in der Theorie, für ein potenzielles Langzeitinteresse beim Nutzer.

Wie jede andere Plattform, Firma oder auch nur Projekte muss auch dieses wachsen.
Bestenfalls ohne peinliche ETH/ETC/DAO disaster. ;)


ich red nich vom coin, sondern von powerup.


Hey Felixxx
Danke für dein Kommentar, bei mir läuft alles gut, ich hoffe dir geht es auch gut :)
Grüße aus Hamburg


Willkommen und so :)
Wenn dir mein Kommentar gefällt, drück doch auf like, so läuft das hier :P


erledigt ;)


wenn du echt bist, mach mal power up.
der kurs von steem knickt grad ein.

welcome to the steem train


thanks! :)

started from the bottom now u here. Proud of you tony, cheers for them 100$ (by now) <3 ;)


thanks for the support <3 and your nice words

You are lucky as fuck man, making passive income and being financially independent already.

I joined the bitcoin wagon too late, and I've been collecting / holding hoping to get lucky one day.


If you have any questions about BTC or other things , or I can help you in some way, let me know. Because when I was in your situation of getting started with BTC, I had many questions but no one to ask. so you can send me a DM on instagram if you want. But I'm wishing you best of luck with your BTC investment !

Welcome to Steemit


thanks, happy to be here!


back then , when the price of btc was on 1250 the price really went to the moon! I used to buy at $30 and cashed out at $1150 so that was a pretty good investment, I always rely on my intuition, it never failed on me and hope it stays like this! Hope steem goes to the moon as well!

Welcome! Clearly you've been doing something right..! :) I was never so clever with money as a young man... I never had an allowance, or had one taken away, that probably would have been good for me!

You accomplished just the right amount at a young age, and I can see that wealth hasn't made you lose your hunger for exploring and creating, which is a noble quality 'sir' winchester! ;)

There are no limits to what is possible in life.

Indeed! So, I thought you might appreciate this poem. :)



you know, lovejoy, you have to live your life to the fullest otherwise you didn't really live at all. In life, you can't lose, you can only learn or win.
I'll keep being hungry for more as long as I'm able to breath, and you should be the same ;) Also, nice poem I upvoted it!

if you are a millionaire what you doing here but do a favor buy steemit


I have invested in steem already, no worries!
And steemit is the fairest social network out there - all other platforms keep all the revenue of their users to themselves! (Only youtube gives ridiculous 30% of revenue to the creators..) So that's why I'm here, because I support the movement, because I love the concept of steemit and want to support and push it myself. And you should do the same :) #JoinTheMovement

Hello Mr Winchester,

Which is the purpose of you post? In case that all the things that you have written are truthful...Is this a way making you feel better every time you re-read you post? Is this just a simply show of? U just wanted to tell the people that you have made a million? I don´t understand. More than 70.000 Eur per year doesn't increase your rate of happiness. So keep your million and I´ll keep my millions of smiles when I read your post, Sir.


You didn't read the end of my post, did you? The conclusion was that I (and you) DON'T need money to be happy. But I had to experience that first for myself. Just because I made money, I'm not allowed to use steemit or post an introduction on here? Do I have to lie about the events in my life, only to make you feel better? I'm simply supporting the most fair social network out there. I love the idea behind steemit and that's why I wanted to join. I'm just a human being like you, no matter how much money, and I want to explore new things and try them out!


I actually did not read the last part of your post :-)
I had enough lol

We then share the same idea of life and happiness. Enjoy the rest of the week.

Best regards

Your story is very inspirational to say the least. Welcome to Steemit!! How does it feel to be "dirty 30" now?

I love that song R.I.C.O by Drake. Thats my jam!

Followed, upvoted.

Welcome. Glad to have you on board :)

I would like to interview you just 5-10 questions for my Steemit Crypto Mag if you would be interested? I would like to do a feature article on you. Please let me know, and I wish you all the best on Steem! Sincerely

Steemit Crypto Mag | Issue #1 | 25 July 2016


Thanks for your feedback! And yes I'd be happy to help you out with your Interview!


That is awesome! Ok great, thanks, I will be in touch within 24hrs ok! Awesome, awesome!

Great story. You did in Bitcoin want wished did but that's okay SteemIt here and not messing this boat. By this time next we could be docking our yachts in the same port. Ha!


looking forward to seeing you on our yachts ;)

Well done you, you have a lot of get up and go but don't forget to have some fun and enjoy what your doing.


yes you're right, sometimes you have to pause and just enjoy life as well, that's why I love to travel!


That's one thing i wish i had done more when I was younger with better health. See what you can when you can

Nice shot!


thank you!

I love reading successful stories like yours. I need to congratulate you as this size of success didn't happens due to good luck, etc it was about you working with laser focus attention and loving the process. So happy for you :)


thank you @margot ! You're right, I could only achieve these goals with laser focus - in my next post which will come out today, I'll write about achieving your goals! anyway thanks for your nice words and I'm wishing you all the best for your future

Finally!!!😁 Love your Intro! This is just the Start, so much more to come! See you tomorrow & will do a post about how we met, what you taught me, some of our dance videos etc. 🙌🏼😊


thanks, looking forward to your new post !!

Thank you for Your Story! He motivates me to go forward!:)


thanks for your kind words, wishing you all the best for your future plans !

"I'm british but living in Germany and my parents are British-Jamaican. "

That's pretty cool, do you speak german?

How much Steem are you thinking of purchasing?:)


Yes, I speak german fluently. I already invested in steem when it was on $2, currently I'm not planning on purchasing more because some updates have to be done (steemit app, homepage update, big youtubers on steemit etc), currently steemit is still too complicated for people who have no clue about cryptocurrency. As soon as everything has been made simpler, I'm sure the value will rise again!

Das klingt aber alles sehr über drüber 🤒


Da muss ich dich leider enttäuschen weil das nicht mal die ganze story war, es ist eigentlich noch mehr drüber ;) Aber warum sollte ich meine Vergangenheit abändern, nur weil das kein übliches, normales Leben ist? Alle Dinge die ich beschrieben habe, kann ich gerne beweisen. Aber trotzdem danke für dein feedback.

Congratulations on all of your projects. I'm hoping steemit will help fund some of my entertainment projects! Can't wait to hear about more of your projects and apps.


Thanks for your comment, wishing you all the best for your entertainment projects and hope you get all the funds you need! What exactly do you do, tell me more about it, since I'm also in the entertainment business I'm interested :)

Bro, if you're so rich how come you have only $11.07 in your steemit wallet?
Now once you do load up that wallet you can thank me for reminding you by sending me some steem. :)


I already answered this question above - would you store money in a website that has been hacked 1 week ago and that's still in a beta phase? Think about it, I know why I acted like I did. The safety on Poloniex and bittrex is much higher, if this changes I'll store more money here but currently I'm just taking the safer path and you should do the same.


Ah I get it now. Thanks for the reply.

Really cool success story! I hope you have at least as good fortune with SteemIt.


Thank you very much, hope my story inspired you and wishing all the best for you too.

being in the game, so this will be a slide thru. welcome to the club

Great to have you here !

Welcome! I love your story!


Thanks!! :)

Very impressive progress in a short timespan, welcome to Steemit!


thanks for your comment!

Sehr interessant! Und jetzt bitte nochmal auf Deutsch :-)

"When I came back I realized that #money is not the most important thing. I remember whenever I organized a house party, everyone else was having more fun than myself. This life wasn't for me."
I like your story. A lot.

You are fascinating. So glad to have found you here!

Your post is awesome and very inspiring! Thanks for joining Steemit and sharing your journey with us! I'm very impressed with how far you came from a little kid getting allowance from his mom. It seems all or most of your endeavors have been valuable learning experiences!

Liebe Grüße aus Berlin nach Hamburg! Würde Dich total gerne mal persönlich kennenlernen und mit Dir brainstormen! Hab Uma schon angemailt!

Unbelievable that a person like you exist.

Wow! Awesome life story! I love reading how others made it out of this bucket of crabs too. Good job with everything and I'll be following and reading your other articles now that I found you. :)

I really enjoyed reading your post. I admire the independent, hustler mindset you demonstrated in building an awesome life for yourself. Congratulations on forging your own path because this is something very few people succeed in doing. I'm also very interested in personal development and psychology amongst other things. I've followed you so I can keep up with your posts. You are more than welcome to do the same if personal development interests you.

Hey @sirwinchester , I have started a podcast recently where I interview other entrepreneurs.

The podcast is on my youtube channel, and here is the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5CpCNPna6p95oJfKPew0N3ZT0k-khdgg

We talk about what you are currently doing in life, your business as well as your journey and any lessons or advice you want the world to know.
A casual conversation about entrepreneurship, and, about you.

Would you be interested in appearing on the show?