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10. What would be your best tips for finding a profitable niche, creating the site / content, getting traffic and getting sales?

Well when it comes to finding a niche, I recommend your guide to them now man.

You’re “Find Your Perfect Niche in Seven Easy Steps” is essential reading if someone is having trouble picking a niche in my opinion.

It is an excellent resource.

When it comes to creating content for the site, use everything man.

Weaving your story into your content makes it unique and special.

You think that people don’t care about what the weather is like where you’re at but you know what? They are real people and you are also a real person.

Real people talk about what’s going on in their lives.

You want these people to like you, to trust you, and to see you as someone who can help them. To get to that place, you have to be yourself and just be imperfect.

There are two kinds of people who get followed…those who have arrived at their goals and those who are on a journey to reach their goals. Both of these types can inspire people.

The fact is I am not perfect.

This is something that my audience can relate to. They want a real person who is not perfect, but is a few steps ahead of them and can help them.

11. Is there any particular post on NicheHacks or piece of advice you used (from the blog / Stuart / FB group) that's helped with your success or inspired you in any way?

First off, let me say that I found you from affiliate contest leader boards.

I am interested in being around people who are better at what I do than me.

So for everyone out there wanting to move up in their space, I say get on the top 10 of a few affiliate leader boards. This helps a lot whether you win or not.

My favorite section on your site is the email section.

That being said though, my favorite article and one that I found very inspirational and also actionable because it made me money was, “How To Write Emails That Win Product Launch Competitions, Beat Super Affiliates, And Make $8,320.24 In Just 6 Days.”

I believe that article could have been a best selling product. Just awesome stuff dude.

That is what actually inspired me to buy Commission Machine by Michael Cheney, which was freaking awesome and taught me a ton about email marketing. So yeah man, big inspirational article there dude.

The other thing that I really enjoy is your Mastermind group on Facebook.

What a great place to network and find potential affiliates. This is just awesome stuff dude.

You are really trying to help people and that is something that I truly respect.

12. What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the future?

Currently I am working on a product called Easy YouTube Money Method 2.0.

It essentially takes someone from zero to having an asset on YouTube within 30 days that makes them money.

I am really excited about it man because it is laid out as a 30 day plan.

Every day people are given small tasks to complete so they are not overwhelmed. By the time they get to the end they understand what they are doing, they understand where they are going, they are rolling and they are making money.

It’s a 30 day commitment. It’s set up as a video training and YES they can jump ahead if they are feeling ambitious.

I am going to help a lot of people get their YouTube channels going and making money for them man.

I aim to change the game up for whoever buys this course.

There are no if’s, and’s, or buts about it, I mean to give people the ability to quit their crappy jobs.

Well, I have a lot of people that have been asking me about webinars and coaching stuff so I am going to start developing that a little bit.

I just have to be careful not to charge too much. I don’t want to alienate the people I truly want to help by making coaching un-affordable to them. At the same time coaching is a little time intensive so I need to find that balanced spot.

Dude, I would just like to say in closing, thanks for having me as part of this series.

I’m honored to be here and I hope we can help people with this interview.

Appreciate you, brother!

Kam (aka ZeroFatz)

Article Source : http://nichehacks.com/sick-to-super-affiliate/

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