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7. When choosing a niche follow passion or money?

I believe that you have to follow your passion.

Maybe I say this because I do a lot of video and if you don't care about what you're talking about with video it comes through pretty clear.

That means if I want to start up in the alien abduction niche, or the weather modification niche, or the juggling clowns niche ... then I am damn well going to make that work.

If I think something is cool ... guess what? I will find the other people who also think it is cool and we will form an army of bad ass people who all like that one thing ... and I'll figure out how to sell them something.

Last year, I lost 2 of my best friends.

I don't believe it. I believe that it's not just about the money.

These events have put me in this place where I am not interested in doing things that I don't care about. I want money ... but I want it on my own terms.

I will give you an example.

Guess what ... my sheer force of will can destroy numbers.

One died of cancer, and the other died of a heroin overdose. My father is battling lung cancer right now.

Because the numbers look good, I would much rather face the challenge of making money from something I love than trying to make money from something that I don't care about just.

I wanted to lose weight?

The point is ... this was easy for me to do because I had an interest in this blender and in losing weight. That channel now has like 6300 subscribers.

Yeah man, I don't know if it's the right answer but for me, I only mess with stuff I actually have an interest in. It's the right answer for me.

Around that time I was going through the Google Sniper 2.0 system. This was a couple of years ago.

I said my goal is to recoup my hundred bucks that I have in this blender. I made an entire YouTube channel around the Nutribullet. It was very tight.

Every single video was about the Nutribullet.

I decided I would invest some of the money that the channel was making back into the channel and I started giving away Nutribullet blenders every 1,000 subscribers.

The channel started making money pretty quick and gathering subscribers.

I would do a strawberry banana smoothie in the Nutribullet one week and then do a "Can you make rice flour in the Nutribullet?" video the next week.

I was like ... hmm why don't I apply these Google sniper tactics, mix in a few other tricks I learned and apply that to a YouTube channel?

I went to the store and I bought this blender, the Nutribullet. I paid about a hundred bucks for it.

It was pretty easy. I just shipped them directly from Amazon.

8. One of the most common questions I'm asked by my audience is "How do I get started?" What would you advise them?

I would then use the descriptions for blog posts and embed the video above the blog post on my blog every week.

Register a domain and get a blog going if they have a little money to invest I would get hosting.

When you make money, they make money.

I would be networking everyday in Facebook groups with people in my space.

You can branch out from there.

I would have an account on all of them and every time you published a video I would share it on all of them.

Use a free service like MailChimp to learn how to email market effectively.

You don't need to PAY for an autoresponder when you have no list, and you don't have a clue how to make money off a list.

I would sign up for a free MailChimp account and begin collecting emails from my blog. You can have up to 500 emails for free and you can send broadcast messages to them.


Start a YouTube channel, no question.

It is the fastest way that I know to elevate your authority, status, and celebrity in a given space.

YouTube makes it effortless to share your videos among 13 major social networks.

, if all of that sounds complicated just remember you can make a full time living with a YouTube channel and a simple product on a website to push them at.

I would publish YouTube videos once a week with at least 300 word descriptions.

They didn't put those things there for fun.

By the time you hit 500 emails you will know how to make money off the list and you can transfer it over to Aweber easily.

9. If you lost everything (money, contacts, traffic, websites etc) and had to start over from scratch knowing what you know now with a $100 budget what would your plan be?

... I hate to say it but if I was really low on funds like that I would probably run a coaching program through email to get my bank account right and to produce people who would be spreading the word about me.

I would sign up for a free MailChimp account so I can collect leads for free. You better believe I am going to be making money before I hit 500 emails.

I said my goal is to recoup my hundred bucks that I have in this blender. I made an entire YouTube channel around the Nutribullet. The point is ... this was easy for me to do because I had an interest in this blender and in losing weight. I attracted others to me who also had that interest. That channel now has like 6300 subscribers.

It would be like, okay on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I am publishing videos on the remaining four days I will be networking and making sure as many people see that content as possible.

I would run a blog from the same website.

I would drive traffic to the whole thing using YouTube as a catalyst for my audience and spread everything I publish across the internet.

That doesn't mean spam either. That means putting in work every day with clear precise strategy and goals.

I would upsell the in-depth course on my thank you page and on my download page.

This will build my audience faster.

I would pay for a year of hosting, register a domain name, and build a website.

Essentially it would be about building my audience as quickly as possible.

Easy man.

I would set up a course on that website for sale. I would give away a lighter version of that course as an ethical bribe.

Article source: http://nichehacks.com/sick-to-super-affiliate/

...to be continued

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