THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO YOU CAN SHARE: Economic Expert Exposes Collapse is Near

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by SGT,

This may be the most important interview that you will hear this year. It's certainly the most important video you can share today.

We talk a lot about the coming collapse of the US petrodollar, but in this interview economic expert and former stock broker Lynette Zang exposes just how close to the edge of total collapse we are. It's a sobering interview loaded with tangible, quantifiable facts that ought to wake up even the soundest of sleepers.

It's not too late to take action if you live in the United States. But as Lynette predicts, those who don't move to protect themselves now, may soon find themselves in the same boat as Venezuelans who are now suffering through a nightmarish hyperinflation of the currency and a total collapse of their once thriving economy.

Visit Lynette's site here:

Thanks for tuning in.

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Is this true? I would love to see more if you have a link about it? :) upvoted ya dude

Out of all of those countries, the only place I would go to is Hungary.

Iceland would be okay for a summer visit, but it is a very small country.

You may Google it.


is it real all of this? Oh God, hope this country can face and overcome to be better every day.

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Nice one Sean. Lynette is amazing she gave a great interview with X22 report spotlight too.
We are so close to the precipice now people need to get themselves prepared or suffer the consequences of ignoring the obvious.
Keep em coming buddy.

trem & friends, I really appreciate everyone's comments, even the one's who disagree with me or Lynette. Thanks for tuning in here.

Sorry it's been so long since the last comment buddy, I catch you're stuff on YT mostly.
So many great truthers here trying to get the message out.

She has been doing a lot of interviews lately. Sounds very informative, thank you

SGT Report puts out great Content. I support what Sean Shares with all. I love STEEMIT and I am glad that Sean cannot be censored on this platform. Tell your Friends and Family about STEEMIT and let them know they can get PAID for their content. FAKEBOOK is Trash.

Thanks stokjockey.

This is very informative , Thanks for sharing the interview, i also followed and upvoted

Watching now, great report so far.

Thanks, stay tuned, this one gets really good and packs a punch all the way to the end. Hardcore quantifiable info here.

Nice interview

Russia just expelled US diplomats. Russia says they will use symmetrical and asymmetrical responses to US sanctions including finding an alternative to the US dollar Reserve currency standard.

Yes they will. In fact, it's already begun. Russia has been loading up on cheaper U.S. treasuries to rearm for the next attempt on its currency. The problem is they have become mostly immune to the normal hybrid attacks due to the low percentage of dollar-denominated debt in country.

They have their SWIFT alternative and national payment card system. The most telling thing about the opposition to these sanctions was VISA and MasterCard. They know that once they lose this business they will never get it back.

Yes it is interesting the video of the economic reality of the petro dollar, to be prepared, thank you for sharing it

Thank you

Use VISA and MasterCard lol. You won't find SGT ripping the shit out these payment networks. No, SGT is going for networks that are actually decentralised and some provide anonymous transaction ability that a VISA can't switch off like the did to Wikileaks.

Money is the language that communicates value, and it has evolved into digital money, i understand the language and i hope you do too

I've been payed in digital monies for over 20 years. I've been supporting central bank issuance and the likes of VISA for over 20 years. There does not seem to be resistance to digital central bank issuance, but when various blockchain currencies pop up allowing anonymous transactions gold bugs shit their panties in fear.

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That's a great Jefferson quote they start with:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

Too bad there is no evidence he ever said it:

When you look at her website it really tells you all you need to know. She's a gold bug. Valuing stuff based on a commodity that can be mined out of the ground is silly - do you really want your wealth to halve if some huge reserve of a gold is found one day? We wouldn't accept that from our cryptocurrencies, why accept it from gold?

And the whole "going to zero" thing is specious. The 4 cent value is just the net effect of years of inflation. There is no amount of inflation that can ever make it go to zero (except infinite). Negative interest rates are easily defeated - the stock market goes up far more than that and you can just take your money out of banks which they don't want because it will cause the banking system to collapse. This kind of instability has no support from the wealthy who control the government, they have nothing to gain and everything to lose. This story is just normal FUD fear-mongering conspiracy theory stuff that has been circulating for years.

Think about she runs a gold trading company - and probably holds a lot of it - it's in her best interests to talk up the value of gold, which isn't that intrinsically valuable relative to the demand and amount we have sitting in vaults for no good reason (like diamonds) and the amount mined every year. If there is a huge panic over the dollar and everyone buys gold she makes bank.

Meanwhile - have you heard the good word about Bitcoin? Or Ethereum? Price in BTC gold is worth almost nothing compared to what it was when Bitcoin launched. I'd dump that Gold ASAP because soon it's going to be zero BTC and you'll be forced to use Bitcoin by the evil blockchain Illuminati (did you know that Satoshi Nakamoto is a member of the Illuminati? And the Pentaverate!)

"Satoshi Nakamoto is a member of the Illuminati" - Lol....and you provide no proof CNN style.
With the benefit of mixing services, transactions via blockchains can be anonymous. The Dash payment network is a great example. Anonymous transactions via blockchains or tangle technology vs KYC controlled central bank issuance transactions using banks and the likes of VISA, MasterCard and PayPal.

I think you missed that the hole last paragraph was in jest.... sorry I missed the j/k, I figured it was obvious. But thanks for reading anyway!

Be careful with the mixing - like Tor it is relatively easy to leak out information accidentally especially if you make enough transactions. But yes, probably still better than the bankster operated networks.

Ignorance is not bliss, especially when it comes to money! Thanks for sharing this informative video @sgtreport

Thanks majik.

She's awesome. Take heed!

Thanks for this timely informative video. So happy to see you here on Steemit also!

lucky who lives in usa

Buen reportaje, gracias por compartir

another very informative interview, thank you sean .... i hope she comes back to talk about what the insiders are doing now ... upvoted and resteemed

Lynette mentioned community which you very rarely hear about anymore, community is essential during a crisis, actually essential anytime.

Excellent interview! I was initially skeptical but five minutes in and it was very apparent y'all are both logical, lucid, and intelligent. Thanks for the information! Followed you

Hmmm very interesting stuff. Curious to see what if any of it comes to fruition

Truth + Honesty + Humility + the ability to see both sides of a coin, and admit when he may be wrong = Sean @sgtreport …Can’t go wrong with that combination… Thank you Sean! Stay vigilant my brother…

loved the interview. nice post at the end!!!!

I will certainly show it to my friends too! Thank you!

Good interview.

"it is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning" Henry Ford

"When people are greedy be fearful, when people are fearful be greedy"
Warren Buffett

Oh and on another note I won't accept used tp. Just saying. I say Lynette was wrong when she said it doesn't matter what condition your barterables are in:)

So sad that Sweden and India are not standing up.

She needs to learn more about blockchain technology and who is backing whom. There is a reason why BRICS are in the process to back BTC as a reserve currency, it will counter TPTB CBs. Having said that, TPTB are getting into crypto via Ripple and Tezos. In my opinion, BTC was created by the B faction of the Deep State to counter the A faction.

Jim Rickards, Economic Collapse on October 15th, 2017... I hope it is only a prediction like others ... but it seems EC is closer and closer... :(

I believe global collapse will happen this year.

Please have her on more often 🙏 Thats a very nice and smart lady . She reminds me of an aunt of mine . I feel like she could be making me some of her famous hot fresh cookies , and I could grab a glass of milk and I could listen to her all day long . I mean no offense by this , she just makes me feel comfortable . Great show and God bless 👏👍🏼❗️