Elliott Wave; A Road Map to Success!

in money •  11 months ago

Hey @haejin Lee;
Here I've pulled the trigger and look what's come in the mail!

A Road Map to Success:

Proof that it's actually ME that got this and I'm not just posting a random picture off the internet while I try and read some ridiculous PDF version.... [though I also got the PDF and audio book version]:

Proof that I've actually OPENED the book and that I'm ACTUALLY reading the road map!!

Then the actual road map I'm sitting in front of; I know where I'm at and have not got lost!

Haejin Lee will be hearing from me SOON in the email for coaching; I'm going to read this book, get used to the tools in Trading View so I'm spot on, and then I'm setting up my Skype! Talk to you soon!

I do upvote always, but mine isn't worth much yet. Although I will be throwing another 100 Steem into my SP so that it's a consistent $0.02 so I can say I've added my 2 cents.
[Que the joke-drums and ruckus laughter]

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Congratulations, good decision, I wish you the best!!

@sevlom777 You're very smart, great choice :) Best wishes.

There is an adage that says, when the student is Ready, the teacher shows!

Happy learning b4 earning!


I believe it!

Just ordered the book today!
Cheap on Fishpond.com.au if anyone is in Australia..$37 + free shipping.