<SCAM-BUSTING!> How they steal real BTC for fake Sh*% Copy/Paste coin from Greedy/Gullible "Investors"

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I'm amazed by dozens of new alt coin announcement threads on Bitcointalk every single day. Now some are real and the dev team behind is has the intention to make the token and/or platform work like for example Wagerr which I Steemed about a few days ago.

But, some have no intention to make it work. In other words they are serial BTC wallet scam-artists. They pray on the greedy and the gullible.

How how do they steel their real Bitcoins. This is my deduction, but I'm not 100% sure since I don't know any of them and I'm not one of them so I'm guessing from watching all these wicket people operate daily. This is just my deduction, feel free to correct me if I"m wrong.

STEP 1: They go to get hub and copy the code from one of the coins.

STEP 2: Make a new logo and website, register a domain name (10 Euro cost)

STEP 3: Find a past scam coin that stole alot of bitcoin and copy the sales copy (text) and reword it for their new scam coin.

STEP 4: Make an announcement on Bitcoin talk (as hype as possible, use words like "to the moon")

STEP 5: Create hype, get them to tweet, post, etc for the price of a few SCAMS

STEP 6: Get miners to mine so it looks legit

STEP 7: Pay with the SCAMS to get listed on a few exchanges like ShitExchange

STEP 8: Start pumping the SCAMS so it looks like it's going somewhere

STEP 9: Take the real BTC from the gullible and the greedy and let the coin die. They will move on to the new shiny object SCAM #2 coin and give more BTC and the scam artist will be ready to provide them with the next scam coin so they can get their fix.

So Steemians, what do you think, did I get it right or did I get it wrong?

Looking forward to your comments and don't forget to up-vote this so I can provide more original content on Steemit.

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