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Making money online? Is there really such thing?

in money •  last year

Hello everyone!

We all see the Holidays peaking right around the corner , can't wait to get few days off and spend some quality time with family and friends .  The stretch from November to January is so festive, so cheerful—and so expensive. 

We all would like to make an extra buck , so we could make it trough - myself included. So I started digging for opportunities online (since I can't get a job at this point) and meanwhile I started wondering is there really such thing as making an income online? Without risks and money investment?

I see so many people , making great salary online just by advertising somebody's product and yet , how possible is that for someone who isn't that popular on social media , after all we can't all be influencers and entrepreneurs.So what's left for us out there? 

Let's see :

  • Sell your stuff 

Now , personally, I'm not a big supporter of this decision . Just because it may seem kind of appealing to sell something for extra , quick cash  but what if after some time you regret selling it? Or even if you did want to sell it in the first place , what if it's value goes sky high after the holidays season?

And what if actually don't have anything you could sell or if it's not worth it? Bummer. 

  • Budgeting  

Yeah , we can see how this one helped. I wouldn't be searching the web for making extra cash if this actually did something.  (Don't get me wrong I know a lot of people who are AMAZING with budgeting and that's fine by me but I'm just not good at it)

  • Drive a TAXI / LYFT /UBER  

I don't have a license (because I'm bad at budgeting and didn't pay my exams tax), so we might have to rethink that.

  • Find affiliate programs , share your link and hope for a great outcome

As I said , we can't all be entrepreneurs but it's MOSTLY free to try.

  • Look for freelance jobs  

Freelancer has tons of opportunities for all of you . Maybe you are good at photography ? Programming or Developing ? Drawing skills ? You can manage social media or be a virtual assistant. It has a little something for everybody .  Click on this  link to get redirected to Freelancer. 

 If you would like more in depth review let me know in the comments.

  • Build a blog

Yes, turns out it's one of the most legit ways to make some cash online but it's not a quick way. You must put time and effort and eventually - you'll see results.

  • SCAM

THE INTERNET IS FULL WITH SCAMMERS. So why not do it yourself? If you have the brain to think of a scheme try it out. I've been scammed so I can GUARANTEE the things I recommend , I tried and are safe for all I can say. (As I said I was never a  driver and that's the one thing  I have no observation about) 

If you would like more content , please make sure to follow and upvote , I'm posting everyday all types of stuff that I tried/experienced and like to discuss  . You could check my other posts and upvote them if you like - that would be great ! If you would like a full depth review of Freelance let me know in the comments , also let me know if you would like to know more and try with me an app , that's similar to Steemit - it pays you for your content . 

I hope you are having a great weekend and make sure to come back tomorrow for more! 



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