Copper Mining Stocks - Friday's price action

in #money4 years ago

It is fair to say that 2018 has been a bad year to date for anyone invested in the metals mining stocks, in hindsight going away in May would have been the right thing to do. On the other hand 2018 has potentially provided an opportunity to invest in some quality projects that you may have felt you missed out on previously.

The increase in the copper price over recent times had brought some junior mining companies into the limelight and many people may have felt they had missed the boat, however now the reduction in the copper price along with some negative sentiment towards the mining stocks has provided a second opportunity to consider investing in some of these projects.

I do not own any of these stocks and may not invest anytime soon, however I now have Kutcho Copper Corp, Aston Bay Holdings, Kincora Copper and Callinex Mines on my watch list.

What really caught my attention last week and prompted this blog was that despite the copper price falling last week, the share prices of these four all increased on Friday, the day before a 3 day break in the market. I will be watching the price action closely into next week.

This is not investment advice and we should all do our own due diligence before making any investments, this blog is intended for information only.

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