Daily Prosperity Mantra...'You Become What You Think'...90-Day Challenge

in money •  2 years ago  (edited)

If you're like me--looking for ways to increase your wealth and prosperity--well, I have come across a gentleman named Bob Proctor that has created a powerful affirmation to help manifest that goal.

I am writing down and memorizing the following affirmation, to be repeated over and over in my mind for at least 30-minutes every day for the next 90-days, and we'll see where I end up three months from now:

"I am so Happy and Grateful now
that Money comes to Me
in Increasing Quantities
through Multiple Sources
on a Continuous Basis."

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Thanks for sharing and all the best with the affirmations. Have seen some of Bob Proctor's other videos and they've been inspirational.

Good post!