How to double your deposit value in

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I started today, deposited 0.05190031 BTC for buy STEEM
after this i were deposited 0.38604592 ETH for buy STEEM POWER
So i read posts, voted in posts, reply... dis this only 3 times..
Make a order for full value... and ask a price equivalent to 10usd / steem
the order was open...5 hours later the balance was deposited again...8.318 STM
i stay with 16.636 STM
...lets see if heappens again :D
I dunno if was a system bug... but

Vote if work for you too! It's not a Joke, this really heappens with me..


forget it, did not work anymore! with the upgrade they should fix this bug

I need @bIttrex to send me some STM too. :D

Create the account!! it's simple and very usefull!

LOL send me some steem first. HAHA i need to power UP!!!

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