De-Dollarization Accelerates: China Readies Yuan-Priced Crude Oil Benchmark Backed By Gold

in #money6 years ago (edited)

Sentiment is building in favour of Gold & silver from all sides:

Dollor: Going downhill consistanly.
Geopolitcs: NK issue escalating, getting more and more upredictable.
Natural disaster: Texas flooding likely to cause more money printing = lower interest rate.
Cyrptos: looks to be on its way to correction from all time high.

Read this news on zerohedge
2017-09-03 06.17.16.png


This will accelerate the death of the dollar as we know it. If you haven't bought some Yuan (aka RMB), you should do so shortly.

you think so? isn't it another fiet, out of the frying pan into the fire situation?

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