The r0ach report 42: Debt enslavement revolves almost entirely around creating real estate bubbles

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The way the economic system works is mostly based around the real estate bubble scam. Assuming the government doesn't exist, likely all real estate would be based on precious metal prices. At this point, everyone is living happily and buying houses; most big ticket items require majority of payment up front, and if there's loans, they are mostly short term or require collateral or co-signing. Prices are comparatively low and things like the 30yr mortgage do not exist.

Next, the banks introduce fractional reserve to lend money they don't even have to people who aren't even qualified for a loan with no collateral. Why would a money lender lend money to someone with no collateral? Because they're lending money that doesn't even exist that was conjured out of thin air from fractional reserve, so the lender has no real skin in the game. Even if you were a potential home buyer who could pay in full up front for a house in silver or gold, the act of creating this lending bubble has caused all home prices to skyrocket, and now qualified home buyers who could pay full in cash are forced to become borrowers like everyone else.

The Jewish banking strategy used is simply to create a vast real estate bubble on purpose, which then forces everyone to become debt slaves locked into things like 30 year mortgages which wouldn't exist otherwise. If the real estate bubble collapses, typically the entire Jewish lending scam of lending money that doesn't exist through fractional reserve collapses and the system reverts back to the way it was before the scam was introduced - silver and gold.

Why do I refer to this as a "Jewish banking scam"? Because the Christian and Muslim world banned this practice long ago due to the fact this lending paradigm has no real reason to exist and is just an obfuscated form of slavery in practice. It's the same reason more obvious transgressions like being a rampage serial killer or Ponzi schemes are banned. You're producing hugely negative outcomes for society with no positive byproduct. The Jewish banking system produces slavery and that's it.

The amusing part is the Jews aren't stupid and thus also banned this practice, with the exception that they're not allowed to use this scheme against one another, but using it against other ethnic groups is perfectly okay. Due to their cult's mythology of claiming to be "chosen" by god with other humans being lesser beings equivalent to cattle - "goyim", this practice is also allowed to extend into numerous other areas of ethnocentric tribe vs everyone else attacks, even including requisitioning your organs if you have one they might need:

From a modern perspective, there's only a few ways to look at this. Either humanity is being destroyed and plundered by some backwards, caveman-era, babylonian evil cult known as Judaism, or the natural order of things is simply for everyone to form tribes based on ethnicity and screw over, enslave, and kill each other at every turn possible.

From the perspective of an innocent bystander, it's clear the Jews are practicing ideology that's not even equivalent to Nazism, but a more extreme version of it. So your only real choices here are either condemn their evil cult as something to be abolished and have all humans try to live amongst each other in cooperation, or join your own Nazi-like ethnocentric tribe to resist them and prevent them from enslaving or killing you.

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