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Money is a tool for "changing goods"! In the old times, the change was made from scrap. For example: Bread with meat. If a person possesses a quantity of meat and asks for bread then he / she needs another person who has bread and requires meat. In this way, the goods were exchanged when the goods were the value of a change that had a smaller or greater value in relation to the goods they demanded in return. It is not easy to implement, for a daily society. For this reason, a "general change" tool was discovered, which we call "money". Money was thus created as a means of exchange for exchange, where its value depends entirely on the acceptance of users.

Money is a tool that can be used for change, for payment, for calculation, and at the same time possesses the positive side effect that you can keep it longer. The bread has its value on the day it is produced, but loses its value the next day. While money can be saved for a later time when added to the claim and can use it to cover that requirement. For this reason, money must cover the "demand". Money is needed and has a value.


Currency is not money. Currency is a regulated state monetary system that is set by the state itself to regulate state monetary policies. The Federal Reserve System (FED) has a control and oversight of a currency.
There are more than 150 different coins in the world. World currency numbers are counted as Euro and Dollar.

There must be confidence in order to function properly and be used properly. But when trust in that money does not exist, when it has internal and external value in its value, when it is produced uncontrolled, then the value varies unmatched. The money in circulation, in optimal conditions, was to show a balance between the workforce, the existing goods and the added value in that market where it was dispersed.


These "unnatural" impacts are the cause of world crises. The so-called "foreign currency reforms" reforms are also a part of this, because the state still affects the value of money and not the free market.
In this way, again the banks issue loans uncontrollably, the state produces untaxed money in order to fill the budget holes created. Thus, without a pairs, the future flow that once turned into a financial crisis is created. It is used for non-possessed money, for things that do not exist, to cover debts and lazy loans and to create new banks (BAD BANKS) who buy those same debts because the bank has this A good balance at the end of the year.

The latest global crisis in 2008 was the revolutionary starting point when the population lost confidence in the current banking and financial system.
A year later the crisis began to blossom the solution that can protect us from this captured system and controlled by states and banks (in a non-natural way).

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I absolutely agree with you @qaopao
This is an awesome post that I believe anyone trades their time for something ( currency, money, goods, etc) must understand. 🤔

I think simply put, far too little of us understand what real money is compared to those who do.
Also who are the bankers/debtors are?
What is debt? Really.
Are the printers of Fiat currency (US- Fed reserve aka Unfederal reserve) a currency printing cartel?

I think once people truly understand what real money is, how it takes on value and what they ultimately trade for it, the world will change even more drastically than now. And for the better.

The current model, we trade time for currency, which is not real money.
This is the most massive scam, ran by criminals who have a monopoly on the means of production and the violence to enforce and maintain the scam.
The currency can and will be made over and over again for nothing and mathematically, is unsustainable and morally, completely corrupt.
We trade our time for that...Unbelievable right?

Even if we traded our time for items we value and deem to be " real money" such as precious metals... which is better no doubt...
It is clear even if you hit rock bottom, those things can be made back. Right?

It is the TIME, our limited precious unrenewable resource that is most valuable of all.
I pray for the day we all recognize this and bring down the current model together.
Be very mindful about how you spend your TIME.

This is a great post and I agree with you. Steem on 🐳

Thank you dear for this amazing review, your such on point!

Very cool perspective on money! :) if you get the chance you should show some love to my latest post and give it an upvote :) I would sooo appreciate that! :)

Thanks will check..please do follow for more

I would suggest you use the #crpyto tag, instead of banks, and the blog tag, instead of governments.

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  • There must be confidence in order to function properly and be used properly. But when trust in that money does not exist, when it has internal and external value in its value, when it is produced uncontrolled, then the value varies unmatched.
    \here got me good. Many are yet to realise that money is essentially built on trust. Trust between the governments, and the citizens.

Yes, still learning, thanks.

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