French start-up makes a miningrig in the form of a radiator.

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A French start-up called Qarnot has developed a cryptomining computer that simultaneously serves as a heating element. The computer is designed to also resemble a modern radiator and is passively cooled to prevent noise pollution.

For 2900 euros, buyers receive a so-called QC-1, equipped with two Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 video cards, each with 8GB vram. They generate 60MH/s. The system consumes 450 Watt of energy, but can go up to 650 Watt with a booster mode, which is intended to generate more heat and does not lead to a higher hashrate. Ethereum is mined by default, but other coins are also an option, although they are not specified. All proceeds go to the owner.

The unit has a wooden top and is further finished with matt black aluminum. Just like an ordinary radiator, the device has a ribbing system on its side to effectively transfer heat to the surrounding air. At the top of the screen are LEDs that, according to the product page, indicate how the market value of the selected cryptomunt is handled. The operating system is Linux and the system can be operated with a matching smartphone app, a web interface and capacitive touch buttons on the system itself.

Qarnot expects that customers with the current Ethereum exchange rate can earn around 100 euros per month, but this will fluctuate with the exchange rate of the currencies and energy costs have yet to be deducted. Anyone who would like to get one in the house can get it before 20 June, provided that the order is placed before 20 March.

Qarnot also makes the QH-1. That is a server that looks and works almost the same way. Incidentally, the Dutch start-up Nerdalize is doing something similar: they stop servers at people's homes and connect them to the hot water system.

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