Here is a platform for your passive online income without investment. Take it seriously.

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Link for Indian -
Link for others country -
Dear friends,
Today I'm introduce you a profitable website for everyone who wants to generate a passive online income without investment. Here I'm giving you full details of this website like company name, address, what to do with this website & website payment proof also etc.
PC is not required for this website, your mobile phone is enough for this website
First you need to click on the given link. if you are from India then click on "link for Indian", if you are from other countries then click on "link for other countries". Open with your chrome browser, because chrome is easy to operate. Then you come into website homepage. Fill the details as website's requirements. Then website give you 5-6 task to complete the registration & approve your account (like - like website Facebook page, subscribe website YouTube channel, download flipkart app, download Bid2Recharge app watch 5 ads. That's all, now your account is ready to work & earn money.
It's proof that the website is legal & legit.
Here you can make money alone & also you can make a team. Team is too much profitable for you. This website is something like PTC websites but it's more profitable than other PTC websites. Here you have to view 20 ads everyday it's take time 2-3 minutes. Here most profitable thing is your up to 7 level referable system, that is more interesting. If you refer 20 members then...
Self - 6/-

  1. 20*1.20=24+6=30/- every day
  2. 400*.60=240+30=270/- every day
  3. 8000*.30=2400+270=2670/- every day
    Here I'm show you only 3 level of referral Income. You can't believe how much you can earn money from here.
    Side by Side if you have a won website or company you can promote here, also if you want to do affiliate marketing through flipkart amazon etc that is also you can do from here.

This company give you payment through PayPal, bank withdrawal, Bid2Recharge.

Here is the payment proof





Link for Indian -
Link for others country -

Saturday is off day for this website.

If you join with my link you get $0.50 sign up bonus.
Thank you.

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