Overview and strategy of the work on the journal boxes and GuruClix ClixUnion.

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Two projects from one administrator and GuruClix ClixUnion.

What is ClixUnion?
ClixUnion is a advertising platform that lets advertisers from all over the world to reach thousands of potential customers. On top of that, members of ClixUnion can earn real cash from looking at our advertiser’s websites in real time.

How Can I Start Earning?
Step 1 Register for your FREE account
Step 2 Log into your account and click on ''View Advertisements''. Each advertisers website that you view is worth. You can earn up to 2 cents may be more per page view!

We offer seven different types of exposure for the PTC Ads and Fixed Ads. They are Nano, Mini, Micro, Standard, Macro, Extended and Fixed. Each has a different exposure time that varies from 5 to 60 seconds and with different options available. They also require a different amount of Ad Credits per click. Members will be more tempted to click on ads with longer exposure like the Macro or Extended and because of the longer exposure higher conversion rates are to be expected. If you’re just looking to increase your website’s traffic, Micro is the best choice at very low cost, however this type has limited targeting options and statistics available.

Keep coming back every day and your earning will grow and grow! We will be introducing new earning opportunities soon. Grid and offer walls will be coming soon.

What is the minimum payout?
The Standard Members have a stepped cash out rule applied to their accounts: 5$ - 7$ - 10$ and 10$ every next request for payment.

The Upgraded Members ( All Paid Memberships) have same cash out rule applied to their accounts: 2$ every next request for payment.

A fee can be deducted by the payment processor you use. We do have any withdrawal fee.

We accept Payza, Perfect Money and Bitcoin.

Video in Russian:

Registration link on the journal box ClixUnion: http://www.clixunion.com/?ref=pavelmenme

Registration link on the journal box GuruClix: http://www.guruclix.com/?ref=pavelmenme