Simple Tip to Save Money Monthly!

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Hey there! Today I want to share with you guys how you can save money monthly! The TL;DR is to simply drop your current cell phone provider when your contract ends, and to switch over to a prepaid smart phone using Tracfone!

Now, I am not saying that this is for everyone, but if what I share fits your lifestyle, definitely consider getting a prepaid phone.

Everyone can agree that having a smart phone is basically like having a portable computer. As long as you have a WiFi connection or data plan, one could freely browse the internet or use apps that require an internet connection.

My philosophy is to simply treat my smart phone as a computer whenever I need to use it at a place that has a WiFi connection. At the same time, I also carry around my prepaid phone for Texts and Calls only! (Or you could just use one prepaid smartphone if you don't want to carry two phones.) The amount of money I am saving by doing this is ridiculous!

So here's how it works:

Prepaid phones are a pay as you go system, with Tracfone you can buy either 60, 120, or 180 Minutes every 3 months (or until your minutes run out). The good news is that if you don't use all the minutes within those 3 months, the minutes roll over for the next 3 months, however this is only if you buy another prepaid card.

So I currently have a Samsung S150G phone, and what's great about this phone is that I get double the amount of minutes. Some phones provide 3 times the amount so definitely look for those phones if you want the best bang for your buck.

So I get the 60 minute prepaid card every three months for $20. That is only $6.66 a month!

You could usually get a Tracfone at your local Pharmacy or Walmart.

(Here's a link if you want to get it off Amazon, I get paid a small cut without raising the price for you. It helps me out and I thank you if you use the link.)

Starting at 3:16 I'm referring to using my old phone the Galaxy in regards to using for WiFi.

Hope this helped you out!

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Nothing wrong with cutting a bill. I think this is one problem we face as a nation. People think they have to have a contract phone so they forgo necessities of life to have it.

I understand what a lot are thinking right now, my phone is only $60 a month - that is over $720 a year. That is more than car insurance for a lot of people. The thing is, you don't need that $60+ a month bill, as @noelrivas said, get a pre-paid phone and just pay for the minutes you need and use Wi-Fi as often as possible (only using data when no Wi-Fi is available).

You can save money but it is going to take effort.