How Much Money I've made on YouTube [75k Subscriber Channel]

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A lot of people are interested in how much money you can make by having a YouTube channel, so today I am sharing screenshots of my YouTube analytics to give everyone an idea of how much YouTube pays...


This screen shot was taken today [1/14/2018] and shows every bit of Ad-Revenue I have earned over the lifetime of my YouTube channel. As you can see from the picture the first day I made any money was 5/3/16 where I made $ did slowly get better though!

If you are wondering about the number of views the channel has received so you can compare the revenue-view ratio, here is a screen shot of the views chart as of today...


Current subscriber count is shown below...(75,756 Total Subscribers)


Because of my YouTube channel I do also make money with the Amazon Associates program and here is the list of payouts since I first received one on in August 2016


The total here is about $10,000 from Aug 2016 - Jan 2018

I figured I would do what most YouTubers don't and just share the actual data to give everyone an understanding of how much you could make on YouTube.

I've been running the channel for a total of about 1 Year and 7 Months and if you add the 2 revenue streams together it equates to about $43,000 minus the taxes I have to pay on it every year.

I personally think Steemit is more lucrative and much less restrictive, and I hope to eventually migrate over to Steemit and Dtube to make a living, because YouTube is starting to feel extremely centralized and a little untrustworthy...

I hope you liked this post if you feel like checking out my YouTube channel here is the link:

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I actually have a YouTube channel, but i have just a few views per month. It got frustrating, but I'll keep trying. Thanks for the motivation.

Yeah it does get frustrating, especially starting off, good luck man!