Money kicks boy is some driven kid.

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The Dubai dreamer .

Make no mistake , this kid was born in a very wealthy family , but he shares his fathers story as motivation for him to go further .

The kid in question is Rasheed Belhasa . He has a huge fan following and money kicks his brand has opened its store in Dubai . Rasheed has a collection of sneakers worth more than $1 million dollars .

Rasheed has a massive fan following on YouTube where has made videos of his rich and famous lifestyle . He has met with the whose who of music and entertainment world including starts like Rhianna , DJ Khaled , Mariah Carey , Floyd Mayweather , the Kardashians and the list goes on . He reminds me of a young Justin Bieber from the east . His family home boasts it’s own zoo , where many celebrities are guests .

The kid has had a lot of help from his super wealthy father but he has shown that he has created his own branding and style and continues to make money doing what he loves .

He credits his father for his success and says that his Dad has taught him the art of business and the key for him has been “patience “ . Rasheed amassed his Instagram and YouTube following in about a year . He plans to launch global stores soon . Whatever your thoughts on this kid, he is surely a charmer and a budding kidpreneuer .

Photos : The Sun Uk . , indiatimes







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