Elon Musk Sued by the SEC, Tesla Stocks Lost 13%

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Wow, Elon Musk might have to step down from running Tesla.

This might be a trigger for a large slide down in Tesla stock price, even after it had already lost 13% in 1 day. After all, Tesla's market cap is as huge as that of some largest car manufacturers in the world, however, Tesla only produces a handful of cars.

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Holy crap! Did not.see that.

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Elon is now accused of misleading investigators, and they claim his tweet about taking Tesla private at $420 stock price was alluding to cannabis culture, not a legit stock price.

I find this all very interesting... will be following closely.

It reminds me a bit of that show BIllions, except this s real life. Buckle up, I think the wild ride is just getting under way for Elon and Tesla.

Thank you for sharing this!

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