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The state of the empowr cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency is coded and can now be launched upon request from empowr’s management.

  1. The empowr platform’s readiness for infusion of the empowr coin

The entire empowr product, including the marketplace, balance, maturation, mission wheel, success coach program – everything – the entire product suite -- has been re-designed and re-engineered to work with the new empowr cryptocurrency coin.

Today, empowr citizens are already:

A. Earning pre-coins from their posting and sharing

B. Having their pre-coins converted into coins by spinning the mission wheel

C. Earning coins directly from their product and service sales

D. Having their coins mature, with maturation different for each individual based on their power level, overall 30-day mission points, and how many months in-a-row they hit their personal performance goal

E. Able to spend their coins that are not mature in the marketplace.

In addition:

F. Success Coaches are being compensated with pre-coins, with 30% being converted to coins

G. empowr citizens are earning coins when their invitees (people they invited to empowr) become productive (meaning they’ve earned 100 mission points) and even when their invitees earn coins

H. And as of March 1 , as recently reported, empowr countries will be earning coins based on their ability to educate their citizens and help them become successful and productive

The country that comes in first, will get a HUGE bonus of coins!

The bonus will equal one and a half (1.5) times (that’s 150%) of ALL the coins that ALL its citizens earned during the entire month of March.

For example, if Country A wins 1st place, and its citizens won $100,000 in coins in March from the Mission Wheel, then an additional $150,000 in coins will be provided to Country A to utilize and/or distribute as it wishes.

What about 2nd place? Does it win anything?

Yes, 2nd place wins a bonus of 125% coins!

What about 3rd place?

Our suggestion is for the top 12 countries to win coins, as follows:

1st place wins 150% bonus coins

2nd place wins 125% bonus coins

3rd place wins 100% bonus coins

4th place wins 90% bonus coins

5th place wins 80% bonus coins

6th place wins 70% bonus coins

7th place wins 60% bonus coins

8th place wins 50% bonus coins

9th place wins 40% bonus coins

10th place wins 30% bonus coins

11th place wins 20% bonus coins

12th place wins 10% bonus coins

Everyone in the “village” should “feel the win” every time the win occurs.

Remember, the “win” happens when a new (non-productive) citizen becomes productive (earning 100 mission points or more in the last 30 days).

Each time that happens, not only does the empowr community move closer to the realization of its mission and overarching goal...

... but with each newly productive citizen:

... the citizen is directly compensated...

... their “parent” (inviter) is rewarded...

... their Success Coach is compensated...

... their fellow countrymen and women are re


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