Air France-KLM reported a net profit growth 2.5 times in 2018

in money •  2 months ago

The largest airline in Europe, Air France-KLM, published its report for 2018, according to which the French-Dutch company increased its net profit 2.5 times to 409 million euros. The annual growth rate was possible, despite the fact that the report for the fourth quarter showed a net loss of 218 million euros. Operating profit amounted to 1 billion 332 million euros, a decrease over the last year by a third. Revenue increased by 2.5%, amounting to 26.5 billion euros. The number of passengers transported by the company for the year reached a record of approximately 101.5 million people, an increase of 2.8%.
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This report just shows you an airline can make profit if run correctly. So many airlines are bailed out by government funding and I think this is just wrong.