This Guy Turned $20K Into $2 Million

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His name is Chris Camillo. What’s also interesting is he did this during in the years just before and after the 2008 financial crisis.

In 2013, self-Directed Investor Chris Camillo discussed the strategy behind his successful investments on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.”

Chris explains he doesn’t do a lot of investing. He only invests once or twice a year after a lot of research and contemplation.

“The trick here is when you see something in your life and Wall Street hasn’t picked up on yet, that’s when youhave the opportunity to make an information arbitrage investment. Now the moment that Wall Street starts talking about that ‘thing’ you picked up on days, weeks or months earlier is when you exit the investment”

That is exactly how he decided in the past to invest with Lionsgate, the film distribution company before the Hunger Games movies was picked up by them and became a major blockbuster. He had never read the books but knew the books were popular because of a co-worker. She said if they ever make these books into a film, it will be bigger than Harry Potter. He invested in Lionsgate months before Wall Street even picked up on it.

“It’s not just a trend. It’s a big game changing event that for whatever reason, Wall Street has missed.”

Chris Camillo says that these sorts of stories happen all the time. The trick is to notice what people are adapting to. He also tries to adopt patience in his strategy.

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I need to turn my $500 into $500k. Any ideas?

yes. stay tuned. (ideas not guarantees.)