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Day 21:

Stock market is closed today due to a Sunday. But there are still plenty of interesting news coming out all weekend.Such as Donald Trump’s insistence that a partial trade deal with China is done:

Of course, tweeting in ALL CAPS doesn’t make it true.

Especially considering that China has not officially released anything news in this regard.

As I mentioned before, with the ongoing trade war and the now indefinite QE, the growing nation and private debt.

Does this all mean that a stock market crash is imminent?

No. On the contrary.

The stock market will BENEFIT and shoot up higher.


Because we are at a point that everyone knows it is either inflate, or die. The Feds has gotta keep on printing more money to hoist up the fake economy. And all the businesses and the public has to play along.

Because otherwise, everyone loses.

That means all the fake money will keep on being pumped into the system, and people will buy stocks. And the stock market will go higher.

But at some point, something has gotta give. The inflation will get out of control.

When hyperinflation hits, and no fiat currency in past history has ever escaped this fate, no matter how much turds you have, they are all still just a pile of shit.

Time to seriously consider converting fiat money into hard assets like gold and bitcoin.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. Let’s see what kind of opportunity the market will give me to generate more fake money for me to turn into hard assets.

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