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Day 20:

Today is Saturday, that means the stock market is closed.

Bitcoin is hovering at round $8400 with some alt-coins starting to see some signs of life.

But I am buying some more bitcoin today. 

And here is why.

Because just this last week, we had been told 2 of the biggest lies. One lie from the Federal Reserve. And another from President Donald Trump.

And I guess it is no surprise by now that most people are STILL not fully aware of the implications of these lie.

Let me tell it to you straight up.

Lie No. 1: This is NOT QE (Quantitative Easing)

The Federal Reserve has extended its balance sheet by buying the US Treasury bonds.

This is effectively the government buying back its own debt in order to create more money out of thin air, without having to “print” more.

But either way, what it ultimately does is “monetizing” its debt, and inject fake liquidity into the repo market to hoist it up, averting a catastrophic collapse. 

For a now at least.

This is a big deal. This is just a convoluted way of putting more “easy money” into a fake economy. This is the definition of Quantitative Easing.

Yet the Feds insist that you should not call this QE.

What a bunch of liars and a crock of shit.

Lie No. 2: US/China has reached a “Substantial Phase One Deal”

This was the biggest news on Friday. 

After 2 years of negotiation and blowing smokes up everyone’s ass. 

The Donald, the fucking Donald, made himself the laughing stock of the whole world yet again.

Despite announcing that a Phase 1 deal has been reached. There was nothing written, nothing signed, nothing substantial whatsoever.

In short, there was NO DEAL.

What happened was that Donald Trump blinked. He is not ready to actually impose the tariffs upon its deadline next week, and backed down to an authoritarian and communist regime.

There is no doubt that more and more LIES will be coming our way in an attempt to make himself look good.

But don’t be fooled by his lies.

The Federal Reserve, Wall Street Elites, and the Government all think we either don’t care, or that we are dumb as fuck.

Don’t let them be right.

Do your part. Educate yourself.

Google Andrew Yang.

YouTube Andrew Yang.

My regular trading blog will resume on Monday.